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Warlord titan is up to version 004. Pink box issues solved in 003. Weapons updates in 004.

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Steadily working on this badboy to get it up to snuff. Version 003 finally found the issue with models and texture files being blanked out somehow, and no more pink box issues upon unit build. Version 004 finally removes dependancy from the Warhound and Reaver for weapon config files and now has custom weapon config files of it's own for all weapons except missile launchers, which are getting some serious love next version.

To do list:
New Textures!
Weapon FX updates and fixes
Sound FX for walking and weapon fire
Shield FX visible
And once I get all of those conquered, the last thing that will finish this up will be voice overs for the Warlord Princips.

The to do list will take awhile as it's stuff I have to learn as I go. The things that's gotten us this far were all within my current skill set and easy enough to do. The next steps are gonna work me over, but I have the tools needed for all of the above now and the will. No idea how long it will take from this point to calling it finished, this could take awhile.

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