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Here's a Summary of a WIP List of Imperial Warlords BTW the Warlords Faction Will be a non - Playable, Non - Aggressive Faction

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Admiral Zsinj - Commands the SSD Iron Fist, His Main base is on Dathomir

High Admiral Treuten Terradoc - Commander of the Victory SDII 13X. Before Endor He was in command of the famed Crimson Command, a fleet of red hulled Victory SDII's. There Now 26 of these Left. He is currently residing in the Roche System

Blackhole aka Cronal - An Ex- Director of Imperial Intelligence and Former Prophet of the Dark Side. Commander of the Shadow Stormtroopers and Directs his forces from the Planet Mindor. Wields 2 lightsabers and can use Force Curruption and force crush

Ardus Kaine - Commands the SSD Reaper. The Moff who replaced Tarkin after Yavin. After Endor he created the Pentastar Alignment which include Bastion, Munnilest and mygetoo, Yaga Minor and Dantooine

Ex - Grand Admiral Josef Grunger - Commands the SSD Aggressor, after endor he took his Fleet and took the Corellian System for Himself.

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