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The long-awaited release of Warfront 3.0 is finally here!

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WarFront v3.0 (Full Release)

Bug Fixes:
Added M18, Panzer 38(t), and Type 94 to landrep code (were not able to repair)
Fixed a file naming bug that was preventing some stationary machine guns from firing projectiles
Fixed Battle Of Britain map issues:
--- Bots will now enter objectives
--- Changed splash matId on all objectives from 350 to 330 (500mm to 155mm)
Fixed Stg44 muzzle effect position
Fixed SU-76 muzzle effect position
Fixed inverted traverse of both G4M2 gun positions
Removed crosshairs from He-111 guns
Fixed Tiger I simple & wreck positions
Fixed He-111 simple & wreck positions
Fixed Cromwell simple & wreck positions (re-modeled wreck mesh)
Fixed 1P camera position for P.I.A.T aiming and reload animation
Fixed bad collision mesh area on KV-1/KV-2 hull (wrong matId assigned, was taking no damage)
Fixed M36 main gun missing sound
Fixed issue with German Fallschirmjaeger class not loading (wrong equipment)
Fixed position of Panzer III Ausf N turret
Fixed offset of Sdk.Fz. 251 (Hanomag) tracked wheels (a vanilla BF1942 issue)
Fixed code for hangar repair (added all planes)
Fixed texture path to Churchill (random external tank)
Re-exported P40 bomb rack to fix texture issue
Re-exported M4A3 hull mesh to fix a smoothing error
Removed Betty spawner from Rabaul (conflict of spawn point ids)

General Changes:
Completely overhauled the AI system:
--- Re-coded/fixed errors with AI weapons files and consolidated files into one location
--- Re-coded/fixed errors with AI vehicle files and consolidated files into one location
--- Re-coded AI strategies*
--- Re-coded AI behaviours*
--- Re-coded AI radio*
Completely overhauled the damage system:
--- Re-assigned projectile material IDs (mod no longer uses any vanllia BF1942 projectile materials)
--- Re-calculated several projectile damages (handweapons and small caliber cannons)
--- Added new projectiles to weapons that previously shared projectiles
--- Restructured the damage file system
Completely re-worked the lexicon.dat:
--- corrected battle/map names
--- corrected weapon names
--- corrected vehicle names
--- added missing mission objectives for converted RtR maps
--- added mission objectives for converted SWWWII maps
Synced animations to speed of reload (between shots), and increased clip reload times for the following weapons:
--- Arisaka
--- Arisaka Bayonet
--- Arisaka Sniper
--- Carcano
--- Carcano Carbine
--- Carcano Sniper
--- Mosin-Nagant
--- Nagant Carbine
--- Nagant Sniper
--- Springfield
--- Springfield Sniper
Increased clip reload time for the following weapons:
--- K98
--- K98 Sniper
--- No4
--- No4 Sniper
Removed the following weapons (replaced with knives):
--- Arisaka Bayonet
--- K98 Bayonet
--- N04 Bayonet
Reduced ROF on the following weapons:
--- Beretta M1934
--- TT33
--- Type 14 Nambu
Added ragdoll animations (created by Apache Thunder, all credit and thanks go to him)
Added Critical Repair Kits to all armored vehicles (will slowly repair 150 HPs of damage, once)
Added treemeshes from RTR and SWWWII
Added new sounds and re-coded sound files for Me-262 (and variants)
Added new sound for bazooka fire (44Hz only)
Added new sound for panzerschreck fire (44Hz only)
Added new sound for panzerfaust fire (44Hz only)
Changed Gew.Pz.Gr.40 projectile from timed detonation to explode on contact
Reduced depression of He-111 Dorsal MGs from 25° to 2° (was firing through the fuselage)
Increased elevation of He-111 Dorsal MGs from 35° to 45°
Reduced elevation of Stug3 machine gun from 25° to 20°
Adjusted RPG velocities to better reflect effective ranges
Removed smoke effects from RPG projectiles
Replaced existing Type 94 (Isuzu) mesh/texture with new mesh/texture
Replaced existing Tiger II mesh/texture with new mesh/texture
Replaced existing Panther Ausf. G mesh/texture with new mesh/texture (LOD's and Wreck mesh)
Replaced existing Panzer IV mesh/texture (& all variants) with new mesh/texture, and added new wreck mesh
Re-worked Wespe mesh, removed top & added more detailed gun mesh (aslo applies to Marder II)
Wespe now uses same suspension as the Panzer II (tracks & wheels)
Re-worked SU-76 mesh, added detail shared with T-70 mesh
Created new skeleton/skin for Tiger I/Panther tracks
Added exhaust smoke effects & adjusted HPs for damage effects on all applicable sea vessels
Changed magazine capacity of No4 from 5 rounds to 10 rounds, reduced carried magazines to 3
Re-coded fire effects for non-vehicle fires
Re-coded smoke effects for non-vehicle fires
Added Stg44 Assault class for Germans on Battle of the Bulge
Reduced the overall airspeed of the B25 and the G4M2
Adjusted position of Hetzer sprocket to reduce clipping through track
Adjusted position of Panzer 38(t) sprocket to reduce clipping through track
Corrected several skins for time-period/map accuracy
Removed 3000+ trees from Rabaul to reduce lag
Reduced the hitpoints of all Japanese planes by 40 (to reflect lack of armor & non-sealing gas tanks)
Re-coded Aichi D3A gunsight view (integrated with 1P mesh for a "lean forward" effect)
Re-coded Aichi D3A flight code for more level flight
Re-coded 60mm Mortar aiming
Adjusted soldier aircraft & daihatsu spawn points on Shokaku, Zuikaku
Increase ROF and decreased reload time of Type 95 AA
Reduced reload time of KV-2 from 20 sec to 15 sec
Reduced reload time of Hetzer from 7 sec to 6 sec
Increased reload time of Stug3 from 4.6 sec to 5.4 sec
Changed Sexton wheels (now uses Sherman wheels)
Removed Panther Ausf. A from mod (for now, replaced with Ausf. G on all maps, will be added back later)
Removed Panther Ausf. D from mod (for now, replaced with Ausf. G on all maps, will be added back later)
Removed 50cal Crate from mod (for now, will be added back later)
Removed M4A2-T34 (Calliope) from mod (for now, will be added back later)
Added SP/COOP versions (single seat, driver also controls main gun) of the following tanks:
--- Ho-Ni
--- Hummel
--- M3 GMC
--- Marder II
--- Priest
--- Sexton
--- SU-76
--- Wespe

Vehicle/Weapon/Static Model Additions:
Added M8 Light Armored Car (Greyhound) to mod
Added Hummel to mod
Added SU-122 to mod
Added F4F Wildcat to mod
Added Ki-45 to mod (original by MegaRaptor, credited in code files and here)
Added Type 88 75mm to mod
Added Hawker Hurricane Mk.I to mod
Added Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIB to mod
Added T-70 to mod
Added r_ruswc_m1 to mod (small wooden orthodox church, closed)
Added r_ruswh2_m1 to mod (small russian thatch-roofed house, closed)
Added r_ruswh2_burn_m1 to mod (small russian thatch-roofed house, closed and destroyed)
Added r_ruswh3_m1 to mod (small russian thatch-roofed house, closed)
Added r_ruswh_sq_m1 to mod (small, square russian thatch-roofed house, closed)
Added r_ruswh_sq2_m1 to mod (small, square russian thatch-roofed house, closed)
Added stalingrad1_cl_m1 to mod (stalingrad1_m1, closed)
Added type88_bunker_m1 to mod (palm trunk re-inforced sand bunker w/ shell casings, shell crates)
Added DefGun (German) to mod (normandy-styled concrete bunker coastal gun)

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
Remagen (conversion of Single Player version by Zara5ustra)
SaintSauveur (conversion of map by John "PacketlossPete" Buskohl)
Battle_Of_Kursk (conversion/rename of XWW2_Zitadelle, an XWW2 map which I worked on previously)
Berchtesgaden (conversion/rename of Eagles_Nest, from SWWWII expansion)
Gothic_Line (conversion of SWWWII expansion map)

* The changes made to the AI are all credited to the Battlefield 1942 Single Player community. I poured over thread after thread on the forums, and read countless tutorials written by the AI greats of this game. I take no credit whatsoever for these changes, they were the ideas of many people much smarter than myself.

The Landmines and Binoculars are still buggy. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. I believe this is due to map specific AI code that conflicts with the bot's objectives while using those kits. I don't have the AI knowledge to fix this at the moment, so you will have to liive with it for a while...










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Those models are STUNNING!

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