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The long awaited release of version 2.4 is now upon us!

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WarFront 2.4


The full stand-alone version (not a patch) of 2.4 is now available for download! The file name says WarFront_2.5_Full, but that was an error on my part, it is the 2.4 release.

WarFront v2.4 Changelog (full stand-alone version, replaces WarFront 2.0)

Thie version is a stand-alone release, NOT a patch. It completely replaces the WarFront 2.0 mod and the 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 patches for that mod. To keep installation problems to a minimum, delete your existing WarFront folder from your Mods directory, and extract the contents of this file to the same Mods directory...typically, "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\Mods\" (although your path may be different).

If you choose to keep your existing WarFront folder, overwrite with the contents of this file, but I assume no responsibility for any damages to any files on your computer that may occur during the extraction or overwriting process.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed the "jitter" when zooming with the K98
Fixed M3 Grant 37mm turret gun (bad projectile code)
Fixed 37mm AA AI code
Fixed Crusader main gun sound (bad path to .ssc)
Fixed T34-76 projectile (bad projectile code)
Fixed Italian heads (no longer disappear at close range)
Fixed Battle of Britain objective collisions to take damage within the WarFront system
Fixed Battle of Britain AA towers projectiles, will now damage planes
Added Engineer class to British forces on Battle of Britain to facilitate repairs on objectives
Changed Sherman IC Firefly turret to correct model (based on M4 Composite hull/turret)
Changed Sherman IC Firefly gunbase to correct model (based on M4 Composite hull/turret)
Changed Tiger I gun to correct model
Changed Stug III Ausf. G gun to correct model
Corrected sound difference between G43 and G43 Sniper
Corrected KV-1 turret size
Corrected KV-2 turret size
Fixed Breda M42 AI code
Fixed KV-1/KV-2 tower mg AI code
Fixed gunbase positioning issue with M4A3(76)W turret
Fixed Russian Kittyhawk bombrack (bad path to mesh)
Fixed Panzer III wrecked wheel texture (bad path to texture)
Fixed JS-2 low poly (simple) mesh/texture
Fixed JS-2 wreck mesh/texture
Fixed N1-K1 1p wing texture (bad path to texture)
Fixed Sturmovik landing gear door texture
Re-positioned Tiger I low poly mesh to line up with LODs
Corrected texture path to Churchill low poly mesh
Corrected texture path to Matilda II low poly mesh

General Changes:
Added new M1 Carbine/M1A1 sound
Added Me-262 LOD & wreck model (no longer uses Mustang LOD & wreck)
Resized Flak 36 (tower & gun)
Remodeled M4A3 hull to relocate bow mg
Replaced existing Hetzer trackset with new Pz38(t) trackset
Replaced existing Colt mesh (original bf1942) with new mesh/texture
Classes were overhauled, many received new load-outs
Removed 6th class from spawn menu, Machine Gun Support kits now crate spawnable
Adjusted several projectile damages (for playability)
Tweaked several textures
Tweaked almost all maps, re-positioning floating/bad objects (probably missed a few things, though :/ )

Vehicle/Weapon/Model Additions:
Added M18 Hellcat to mod
Added Panzer 38(t) to mod
Added G4M2 "Betty" to mod (using B17 cockpit for now)
Added B-25 Mitchell to mod (using B17 cockpit for now, reflecting field mod removal of Bendix ventral turret)
Added Type 94 Isuzu Truck to mod (courtesy of the Lost Battallion Mod)
Added 60mm M2 Mortar to mod
Added Australian Slouch Hat to mod (Close Assault & both Officer classes)
Added Machine Gun kit spawn crates to mod (.50cal, BAR, Breda, Bren, DP, Johnson, MG34, MG42, Type99)
Added wf_bridge_big to mod (currently not used on any map)

Converted Maps (with SinglePlayer mode):
Budapest (conversion and rename of Danube_blues, a map by Bumsoft)
Jasiko Marsh (conversion of a map by AndyC.)
Kokoda Trail (conversion of a map by an unknown author)
Barbarossa (conversion and rename of Red_Sky, a map by Joe Hanson)
Bastogne (conversion of a map by Dan Taylor)
Guam (conversion and rename of Battle_of_Guam, a map from the BF1942 Anthology pack)

B-25 Mitchell makes it's debut on the 'Front...

b25 1

b25 2

Colt 1911 gets a new mesh and skin...


Courtesy of the Lost Batallion Mod, the Type 94 Isuzu...


The 60mm M2 Mortar also makes it's debut...


The Aussies get their trademark Slouch on the battlefield...



And a little bot action on Guam...turns out F6F-3s don't care much for G4M-2s



Post any bugs found here and I will work them out asap, and as always, enjoy!

Also, if you feel inclined to do so, please vote for WarFront as Mod of the Year at the top of the page, it would really mean a lot to me :) Thank you!




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