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As always, a lot has been going on behind closed doors. During the past few months we've focused heavily on reinforcing the foundations to further support and accelerate our future development.

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To begin with, we have a successful port to the new Neoaxis
version (.84), which provides a wide array of improvements. Most notably, in
conjunction with our own new asset optimization tools, we have achieved game
and editor loading times of under 20 seconds! This is truly impressive and a
tremendous time saver for our developers. Code related changes which once took
up to 5 minutes to test can now be tested in less than a minute. Working with
editors is also painlessly fast. Aside from the new clean, optimized build, we
also introduce several new tools, development maps, vehicular code changes, a
lot of ingame code related changes, migration to new dedicated commercial SVN,
and a lot more!

In the art department, as usual things are moving forward at a steady pace. The
concept art has really been blooming, some of which is shown. On the 3D side of
things, a lot of effort has been put into props and secondary game assets over
the past few months. As a result, our game maps are gradually looking more and
more complete. We also have a new tank factory model for the Hyperions. Due to
the tanks being rather big, space optimization was a must. It has been
designed, modeled, and animated, and is currently being textured. Several other
models are in active development.

On the public media front, we're pleased to announce the launch of our new
public Wiki
. Whether you're interested in learning more about Warcry's
gameplay, its backstory, the playable factions, or the units you'll eventually
be controlling, the Wiki is the place to go. Complementing this is our new
, which we'll be using to give you all a little more insight into the
development process. It'll be a chance for you to meet more of our team
members, and for them to tell you about their passion for the project. While
these features are still in their infancy, they should prove to be excellent
resources in the weeks and months ahead. Both sites can be accessed quickly and
conveniently via the new header which now appears on all of Elseware
Entertainment's websites.

In general our progress has been strong. The core, fundamental changes and
improvements have further accelerated our development, as well as allowing us
to manage our team more efficiently. Hence we're ready to expand, and are
looking for additional talented developers:

2D artist
3D artist

From everyone at
Elseware Entertainment, thanks for supporting Warcry!

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