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The Warcraft 2 remake multiplayer demo has been released. Search for Coa or Wc2 on the European server.

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Chronicles of Azeroth- Dark Peninsula

The next milestone has been reached: Warcraft 2 alpha demo

The Tides of Darkness has arrived to your base brave captain. The orcish horde besieged Lordaeron and the one who will decide the fate of the war is you! Join to the fight by searching for Coa or Wc2 on the European Starcraft 2 Arcade. Now lets talk about the release and other important news.

Screenshot2015 09 24 12 15 34

Why is it a demo?

This version of the remake exclude three units and a building for both factions. The following units and buildings will be added later:

  • Submarine/Giant Turtle
  • Dwarven Demolition Squad/Goblin Sappers
  • Gryphon Riders/Dragons
  • Gryphon Aviary/Dragon Roost

Additionally some stuff may be less polished yet.

So there is naval warfare, oil etc?

yes there is, you have every other features of the multiplayer game.

Screenshot2015 09 24 12 12 30

The Map:

Wc2 original

Dark peninsula is a direct port of the Warcraft 2 map with the same name. It's a 4 player map with multiple gold mines and limited (but useful) amount of water. Note that you need naval to reach some of the expansion sites.

Terrain 009

Gameplay modes

As in the Warcraft 1 remake, the host can choose between Classical and Modern Gameplay. Classical means you have the original rules of Warcraft 2: 9 unit selection limit (1 building), no Rally point, no Building queue. The modern gameplay mode gives you the advancements of Starcraft2: unlimited selection, rally points and building queue.

pig farm

Meanwhile: Warcraft 1 mod status

The multiplayer map got some updates:

  • you can choose your race
  • fixed many bugs came with 3.0 patch of Starcraft2
  • starting place selection removed
  • spearman got a better model

Also I'm working on updating the Warcraft 1 campaign maps to the newest mod version, but its a time consuming job.

Current and Future Plans:

  • Add the remaining stuff for wc2, fix any bug encountered, polish
  • Update the finished wc1 campaign maps to the newest mod version the multiplayer use

Also i have many goals that i can NOT reach without others help! Currently I'm alone working on this mod, that means no terrainer, no artist and the only data/trigger guy is me. Simply it isn't enough to finish the remakes properly. So i'm looking for team-mates for the following goals. How many of these goals we can reach depend on the team i can gather.

  • giving decent art assets for remaining units and buildings for wc1 and wc2
  • finish remaining wc1 campaign maps (around 5-6 orc one)
  • add AI
  • create wc2 campaign
  • wow based mod

So I'm looking for team members:

  • Artists (2D and 3D)
  • Terrainers
  • people who are expert in Triggers and/or Ai
  • Expert Data makers (mainly in spells, damage and actors)
ApornasPlanet - - 4,131 comments

Niice! WC2 was the best Warcraft game imo

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
jfpoliveira12 - - 3,725 comments

I would agree! It also had the most interesting lore, the best Horde and was more focused in army vs army storyline instead of OP heroes and plot devices/McGuffins.

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Rommper Author
Rommper - - 123 comments

My favorite also :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes
Raygoza - - 1,639 comments

Really hope you'll find people to help out, haven't played other than WarCraft 3 and I have none of the qualifications you need.
By the way, any chance you may borrow things from other mods like assets while you do your own coding?

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Rommper Author
Rommper - - 123 comments

Well if its fit for the style and i have permission to use, yes. For example i plan to use some of the models from Armies of Azeroth until i can get someone make the models of wc1 and 2

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Guest - - 699,195 comments

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