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We are proud to announce that our real-time tactical multi-player world-domination game War to the Core is about to hit public beta. Please share your feedback and ideas and help us make it great.

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After countless long hours (the 80-minutes kind), we are almost ready to unveil our game, War to the Core, to the public.

War to the Core (code-named Ballistic) is a world domination game where players control massive motherships that battle for control over the globe. Battles take place between alliances of players and rely on a combination of long range ballistic attacks in addition to an assortment of tactical weaponry like mines or turrets.

This is still an early beta, so expect (and please report) glitches and imbalance. We will be adjusting the pace of the game and tweaking it until get it feeling right.

Our game development paradigm is very agile. We let the game organically "grow" naturally in ways that enhance the game play experience. So while we have a future vision with concrete milestones, these always change based on feedback we get. Nothing is set in stone, not even the core experiences. In fact, we model our vision as mind maps capturing all the ideas we have got from our team and our players, pursue the most promising at each step of the way. So your feedback can directly shape the game.

Our game is already available for download now, so please check the links. We'll be providing more updates here, as well as our Facebook page, as needed.

We can't wait to see what you guys think of our game and what ideas you'll come up with.


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