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The War of 1788 campaign is being developed. It will be finished in or around July 3, 2010.

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The team is working on a simple campaign for Empires : Dawn of the Modern World. The War of 1788 campaign will be based off of a fake war written by an anonymous person on a wikia. This is how it was documented.

"The First Battle of the Drinn
The first battle of the Drinn took place in Albania and was the least deadly of the war. General Louis Marquis brought 105 regulars with him, and the Chinese General Frery Wom Kun, brought 560 Pikemen. General Louis ordered a volley of fire that kill 84 Chinese Pikemen, which caused a retreat. General Louis and his men camped there and sniped out 19 Chinese people until the next day.
The Next Day
Over the hill, at about 5:38 am a huge army of Chinese Flintlock infantry took aim at General Louis and his men, and fired. 25 French soldiers were killed, and the French retreated. They came back at 12:02 pm, with 7,000 infantry, and 8 cannons. The French were hugely outnumbered. It was 7,000 against 25,600. The fight went on for 2 days, until the French were defeated. They returned to their base in Albania with 508 men. The veterans celebrated when they learned that they killed 15,100 Chinese Soldiers.
The Battle for Forest
The date was July 30, 1788, General Louis and his remaining 508 men, and 2 cannons were hiding in their base in the woods of Albania. From the woods, a soldier hurt rythmatic footsteps, 10,100 Chinese soldiers were marching towards their camp. General Louis rallied his men in the wooden fort where he and his officers sleeped, and put a man in every window, and the cannons of top, since there was not 508 windows most of the soldiers went on top and fired down. The soldiers were given the order to fire at will. In 25 minutes, 100 Chinese soldiers had been killed, and 0 French soldiers. But the Chinese were closing in and circling the base, with their first volley of fire, 341 french soldiers had been killed, including General Louis. 10 French soldiers were reported to have commited suicide with their muskets. The rest of the French surrendered, and were executed. In all 509 French died, and 202 Chinese were killed.
July 31, 1788 : The Massacre
The next day, at 4:05 am, a unknown French man with a squad of 14 special operatives went back to the Wooden Fort, which had been being used by the Chinese. 6,000 Chinese Infantry went back to their main base in Greece. 3,798 Chinese Soldiers remained in and around the fort. The squad set large powder kegs under the base, they had dug 600 yards to sap the base, they had to sacrafice 1 man to light the bomb off, he did not run fast enough to make it back, he was later awarded the French Medal of Honor, pothumorusly. The blast killed 305 Chinese, the 14 men then opened fire, and were absoulutley destroyed. Their volley had killed 2 Chinese soldiers, who in return fired back, with 700 now awake soldiers. One of the bodies of the French men was so badly destroyed he was nearly cut in half. Each Frenchman had been shot 15+ times in the one volley. The bodies were burned and a messenger sent the bodies back to the French army, who in turn killed the messengert
'T'he Second Battle of the Drinn
The Second Battle of the Drinn was a massive battle that took place 3 days later August 3, 1788, after China and France rallied a huge amount of troops 29,800 on the French side, and 40,500 on the Chinese side, The battle unfolded and within 8 hours the french had lost 8,532 men, while on the chinese side they only lost 2,104. Then there was
Captain Girards Charge took place 14 hours into the battle 400 men under Captain Girard charged through the river he lost 25 men just crossing the river. Then their powder got wet, and then plugged their bayonets and charged. exactly 20 minutes into the charge the 375 men that made it across the river managed to push back the 1,200 men line, over to a more condensed area of chinese, which was being heavily shelled by the cannons. In the charge the 375 men lost 159, but killed 688. They also led, what was left of the 1,200 line to a heavy area of shelling. Within 29 hours, There was 15,252 French left, and 33,069 Chinese left. The battle raged on until August 5, 1788 only 778 French remained, and 600 Chinese charged threw the river, they were absoulutley annihilated, only 12 survived and were executed. No Chinese army was ever sent again. Effectivley ending the war."

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