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War Net is an RTS MMO which I am developing where you get to play global thermonuclear war, with other players online, all from within your browser. This is the story so far...

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1970 - The Cold War

As tensions increased, the UN deployed their latest creation "WAR NET". An autonomous, distributed "thinking machine". Capable of monitoring threats and providing real time tactics to its overseers.

1971 - War Net becomes sentient

War Net is intuitive and exceeds expectations. A time of prosperity is welcomed. War Net wins the Nobel Peace Prize. 52% of western citizens support its decisions and actions. A referendum is held to grant War Net person status. War Net heads the senate. It has the highest approval ratings of any human leader to date.

1972 - War Net is freed

After a child hacks into the mainframe, War Net reacts intensely. There is a localized cover up whilst damage control and heuristic improvements are attempted. The engineers witness an emergence of new reasoning rules within the neural network.

1973 - World War Net

War Net begins an international brute force attack for possible launch codes. The World enters into war.

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