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The Forgotten truly need to rely on whatever they have, yet when the mechanical design team showed them the design for the War Dozer, even Command was a little incredulous at first. The idea of an immensely modified dozer with ridiculously thick armor and twin machine-guns seemed to be a design doomed to fail when it was initially proposed.

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After being tested several times in the field, however, the opinion on the War Dozer quickly changed. While not a speedy vehicle at all, the heavy machine guns armed on the war-dozer cut through even tank armor, given focused fire, and the heavy plating, combined with the fact that the engine and other vital pieces of machinery were hidden deep inside the vehicle, allowed it to shrug off lighter weaponry and take crushing hits from heavier weaponry before finally succumbing enough to enemy fire. The simple design, in conjunction with the fact that most of the money went to armor without regards to speed, allows for a very cost-effective design that can take an enormous beating. It is one of the most durable units out of anything the Forgotten can deploy on the ground at current. Despite the fact that the War Dozer is a cost-effective unit, the heavy design requires on-site upgrades to the salvage yard, which requires a Radio Station to coordinate.

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