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This is the article about war criminals. Blameless War was the terrible war in the Hyperborean Period.

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This is the article about war criminals.
Blameless War was the terrible war in the Hyperborean Period.

Blameless War started after the Conflict with Cerberum The Chaotic. Dangerous terrorist with name of Excelscior the Blameless killed all Cerberum forces and destroyed the big part of the Hyperborean Empire by his secret technologies. Excelscior explored the science of extincted races. He used technologies of the Sovi`Lar, H`Shangaara races and even Cerberum knowledge. Main reason of Excelscior actions was the idea to create something like Intergalactic Empire, which can be useful and powerful state in the whole universe. Excelscior called his organisation as the Blameless Intergalactic Shahinshah-Empire. He wanted to be Shahinshah-Emperor for this universe, wanted to be the first leader of all races.

Excelscior had many humans and other race representatives, which wanted to serve his idea. He had a lot of supporters and servants. Many terroristic organisation started to be the part of his new "empire". He provoced many wars in several star realms. Victims of Excelscior were Draskov Empire, Hyperborean Empire, Nargon States and even N`Sai lands. Many races started to fight with each other. Many human kingdoms started dive to the fire of civil wars. Terrorists killed many innocent creatures in this terrible war. Excelscior The Greatest have many warlords in his own state. These terrible war criminals didn`t know mercy or kindness. They served only their leader and no one else. Excelscior gave them terrible job.

After the Blameless War, Hyperborean Empire and Alliance of the Universe Races created The Greatest Court-Martial. This organisation started to punish all war criminals. Many leaders wanted to kill all these terrorists forever, put them to death. But The Greatest Council decided to send them to life imprisonment. Many state rulers were dissapointed in this decision, but nobody started to fight with it. Many terrorist leaders and warlords were sent to the Vucavar planet, the most horrible planet-prison in the whole universe. But some of them were killed by the special forces of Hyperborean Empire.

Destiny of Excelscior was more interesting...

But i am not going to tell it you now. This information will be in my stories. You will know it very soon.

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