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New version is out as response to some messages what i get from community.

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Open Beta 1.1 is finally out !

I got a lot messages from community, mostly abou what they are unnhapy with and i tryed my best to fix it.

+ Help : Blue help button can be found in menu now.

+ Version : In menu is shown version of game.

+ Resolution : Fully experimental, added two 16:10 resolutions

+ Sounds : Enemy tanks have sound of engine too.

* Sounds : Player engine purr was too loud and tearing your ears apart, no more !

* Improved code to set new buttons.

* Tanks was boosted, projectiles are faster and spawn cooldown shorter, game is more action now.

* Tank move is correct when you press one direction while still holding another direction.

* Some sounds was played during pause. Fixed.

Go and update as soon as you can !

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