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We've opened up our development process for people to read and contribute to over on

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Hey all,

We've noticed an increase in appreciation and activity on our humble little profile here, and with it, lots of questions as to just what this mod is actually planning to do.

Because we like the feedback and want to involve people in the process of planning and creating this mod, we've published our plans at our subforum over at


There you can read about our faction plans and other mod ideas, and voice your opinion/concerns/suggestions.

This shift in attitude will also mean that our ModDB page will not be updated as frequently as it is now. We will however be posting more of our work than ever in our The3rdAge subforum, so if you want to keep close tabs on our development, you are welcome to join us there.

Thanks for all the support and compliments,

Kyle, Kwen and Mathijs
SaF Developers

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