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News from Thursday 15th November 2012 19:25 German Time.

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Hey Guys. We have some Updates for you.. but first..

Want to join my Team? Add me on Skype.. my name there is : Bigcheker12 .

What you can be :

-You can be a mapper.

-You can be Storymaker.

-You can be Custom Monster/Walls Editor

and much more... But you must show me your skills. you can work then for the whole LBNA (Lost but not alone) Story (just not LBNA 1) For 9/11 or the troll story. (look at the news.. you will know what i mean.)

Now to the news :

I thought its a bit to soon to tell you that but.. next year we have 2 Custom Storys for you.

1. (After LBNA 1) We are working on a little troll cs...

2. (after troll cs) there will may be a 9/11 custom Story. if not LBNA 2 will be created..

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