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Update and more screenshots from Wanda, showing various in game locations.

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Time for more progress update and screenshots! This time we will highlight the various in-game locations and further characterization of the bigger bot.

Night of Tranquility

A beautiful night sky of world of Wanda. Two celestial bodies shine their tranquil lights upon the lifeless and silent wasteland. There is only but one awakened mechanical life form to precipitate its beauty.

City of Rust and Grime

Arrived at a new city or more like, a husk of some lost civilizations. Even after traveling far and wide, the big bot couldn't find a single respond to its distress call.

Alone and Afraid

The night is terribly long for timid Big Bot. "Maybe if I just hide myself at a corner and be "scared" enough, all these terrible things will go away!".

Alone, Afraid and.... C-C-C-Cold!

Told you not to wander to the far North!

A Moment of Respite

This journey had been harsh and long. Maybe this sleep will give it a moment of respite from long and lonely days.

That's all for this update! We hope you like it. Please, do give us your feedback.

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