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A new update featuring the latest development progress and new screenshots about project Wanda.

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It's been a while since we last updated. We were on a hiatus for more than 3 months, so it is about time we shed some light upon our project's steady progression. We'd like to share the first few minutes of Wanda's gameplay and world with screenshots in this update.

After a long slumber

A mechanical life form awakens from a long slumber at somewhere deep and cold. It has no memory about the past. Armed only with a rather simple yet curious mind, it wandered about the place. Soon enough, it meet a shocking realization that it was all alone.

Now, the newly awoken bot first faces the game's very first puzzle. It's a very basic puzzle, yet it can prove to be challenging to a simple-minded bot with no memory.

A lonely world awaits...

Maybe, there might be someone out there. It can't be the only one in this vast world. There must be! There has to be!

However, only a barren wasteland of endless sand dunes and ruins awaits. Maybe, it's truly all alone. It has no purpose but to survive in this world.

Surviving... how hard can it be?

That's all folks!
Please feel free to share your thought about this project! Thank you for your time.

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