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We are launching a crowdfunding campaign for Wanda!Wanda is a story-based game with puzzle elements about two lonely robots in a wasteland discovering about friendship, hope and happiness. Please take a look and support us!

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It's been two months since we last updated. We've launched a crowdfunding campaign on kickstater! Please do take a look. Your support will be invaluable for tiny developers like us.

Wanda Kickstater!

Why we need Kickstater?

When we first made Wanda, it's a very small and simple project. As the project grew, our scope became bigger. Kodots Games has only two members and we are already handling the story, game-design, programming and artwork by ourselves.

Wanda is a story-based game. Narrative is everything in Wanda and Wanda happens to be a wordless narrative game. Everything is narrated in "show but don't tell" style without comprehensible dialogues. It's simply impossible to make a touching word-less story-base game without the right music. Sadly, None of us can make music.

Then, David, a very talented composer offered his service to us. You can listen to some of the OST he made for Wanda in our trailer video and here :

Beautiful, aren't they?

Then we thought, "Hey, we can add more in Wanda. How about a vocal ending song? How about unique sound-tracks for every narrative scenes in Wanda? How about custom-made SFX for both robots?" Surely, that will bring story-telling in Wanda to the next level. That's why we need to make crowdfunding campaign for Wanda. It'll be much quicker to bring Wanda into reality with your helping hands.

Please take a look at our campaign and consider giving us some support.

Enough with the kickstater. Here are some new screenshots and development progress we made during these two months.

New Screenshots

A new area in game. A highland with the husks of dead sky-cities floating eerily. We'd like to keep the art-style consistence with the usual hand-drawn style artworks. We give the scenes fresh and rain-washed look. A rare peaceful morning in the wasteland.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading and giving us your time. See you in next update.

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