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I'm thinking of changing how the walking sounds are generated.

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At the moment, the walking sounds are generated by the game as it normally does. I just used an exploit within the game.ini file to make the screen bob faster, which essentially doubles the amount of footsteps generated while the player moves at the same speed. So, this means two things:

* The sound of steps changes based on the tile being walked on
* The footsteps can sound a little fast - somewhat unnatural

I might tweak it a little and see how it goes, worst-case I'll have to use a custom walking soundbyte which means it would be more like the sound I have set for running. This means:

* Step sounds would not change in water or on metal or rock or anything
* It'd probably sound more natural and pony-like

Maybe I can find a balance between the two. I'll be releasing a new video to show what I decide so I can hear your opinions.

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