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The Mac Runner for GameMaker Studio is broken, and Robo's World: The Blulite Rocks cannot be released until it is fixed.

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OSX Runner Woes:

I'd mentioned in a previous news post that Robo's World: The Blulite Rocks (RWtBR) is complete, but if that's true, then why hasn't the game been released?
Well, the answer is that the GameMaker Studio Mac runner is broken. ALL games freeze after ~48 room transitions. The game is perfectly playable except for this one issue which YoYo Games has yet to fix. I personally filled a bug report over this issue, but despite the issues severity, they haven't fixed the issue over the course of 2 updates (and nearly 20 days). As soon as YoYo Games fixes this issue, RWtBR can be released on the Mac App store.
If you use GameMaker Studio and would like to see this significant issue fixed, add your voice to the bug report using this link:

The squeaky wheel gets the oil:

It seems that after posting the issue on the GMC and getting a few other users to add their voice to the bug report, YoYo Games promptly fixed the issue. As of GM Studio v1.1.545 the issue will be fixed. This update should be released within a week, so shortly after that Robo's World: The Blulite Rocks will go through its final testing sans-freezing and then I will submit it to Apple for certification.

Other Platform releases:

In the meantime, Windows 8 is around the corner and I will try to get RWtBR on the Windows Store. In terms of release for Earlier versions of Windows, I'd rather not try to go through the GameMaker Steam Workshop, but I might try putting the game on Steam Greenlight if there is enough demand.

I would have mentioned this issue sooner, but I was hoping that it would be resolved before it became a significant problem. Sorry for keeping you waiting. RWtBR will be out soon one way or another.

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