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After 4 days from release, Courage is getting bigger and bigger in the community specially in Youtube. We decided to "push" the barrier a little more by giving it a complete new game called Courage: Alone and Lost.

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4 days after the release of Courage, 13 gamers (as far as I know) already gameplayed the game on Youtube and I am really so thankful for that! :D I mean, seeing your game on Youtube while others play on it, thank God hehehehe X) Some of them commented what makes it good, some commented what makes it bad, and some just enjoyed the game and leave it as is. I try to read their comments section of the videos and some really wants more of the game. They say this has potential to be a great game and maybe make it to the top one day! I was amazed by that. :)

To be honest the game was just supposed to be a "prank" game for my friends like - I let them play the game while recording their reactions and then let my other friends watch their reactions and laugh and stuffs - that was really the main purpose of the game until some friend of mine told me to enhance it and put it on Indie DB. And by that I was so amazed we made it to the top 60 horror game here! :)

After watching the game trying to climb the top, many gamers PM'd me that they want this and that, some want the stability to be infinite while some just want health kits along the way...lots and lots of them commented and really loved the game. So instead of making tons and tons of updates, like many devs do, we'll make a whole new game.

We decided to call it "Courage: Alone and Lost". The story of the game is hidden from public for now (but I guess the title could probably give you some hints) :) The game's graphics will be much more better, gameplay will be fluid and gamer-friendly, and specially, real enemies will come and get you. We decided to put some new things too specially things you can interact with like a computer, better flashlight, and etc. The game's status for now is on 'heavy development' for we don't want you our fans to keep waiting for the release. We will do our best to create the game to its perfection. Release date is on January 2015.

Thank you guys, GB, and stay tuned! Have the Courage!

~Dranreb Benedicto (main dev)

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