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In version 2.01 population limit grows from 90 to 120.

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1. Increase the attack and hp of Druid Catform.
2. Chaos Grunt and Blood Guard use Blade Storm intead of Bloodlust Strike.
3. Priest get passive ability: Enhanced Healing, will add a shield on healing target.
4. Elemental Shaman's Ability: Ligthning Shield become passive ability.
5. Restoration Shaman's Ability: Water Shield become passive ability.
6. Enhancement Shaman's ability: Windfury +30% movespeed.
7. Population limit grows from 90 to 120
8. Low Upkeep starts at 50 pop, High Upkeep starts at 90 pop.
9. Molten Giant HP increased from 2250 to 2750, cost increased from 600 to 800.
10. Black Dragon damage decrease from 150 to 125, cost increased from 1000 to 1500.


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