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More character Sprites, CG's, and the first promo image!

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Hello everyone, it's time for another update on WAGAKKIWA. This update will be mostly focused on the art section rather than development/writing progress. Firstly, I want to announce the update on work of more character sprites. So far, I've added all expressions for Hideo in two new uniforms: his Summer School Uniform and his Gym Uniform. Take a look:

Hideo in his school's summer uniform (you'll be wearing this about most of the game after the first month) :D

And Hideo yawning in his gym uniform. Now, the other characters (all except Sora at this moment) will be receiving their updates in clothing changes as well, but it'll take a good amount of time as each character has a LOT of expressions. And, I mean A LOT!

But, I'm very excited as I can now further my development progress quicker, especially with Akahana (for reasons you'll find out in the future when you play the game).

Next, I want to show everyone the new Promo image I made for WAGAKKIWA. It doesn't give too much info, but I really love the way Hideo and Akahana are looking into each other's eyes in it (Yes, by this time you should know that out of the four girls I've created, Akahana is by far my favorite):

(The first Promo of WAGAKKIWA)

As time goes by, I'm guessing about 5 or 6 more promos will be released, because one of those are going to show Hideo with one of the potential girls you can 'conquer.' All of the promos are to be pre-unlocked CG's in the game as well, so enjoy that (isn't Akahana so cute there?!? (>^_^)> )

Enough of me flirting with my own damn 2D characters, let's discuss some more things. Firstly, the 'At Home' option. The 'At Home' option will be the player's chance to raise their skills or affection with their friends or the girl they have decided to see. I got around to programming that segment around Thursday last week, and I'll let you know ahead of time that the options will change depending on how high Hideo's confidence is. But, you'll find out more about confidence when you actually get to the play the game...also;
When I get the official WAGAKKIWA website done. Yes, at this moment in time WAGAKKIWA has it's own Webpage on the Paperviper Website, but the Paperviper website isn't meant to hold huge amounts of info in it's domain, therefor in about 3 days I'm going to begin the side-project of throwing together the official WAGAKKIWA website ( which will have info on all of the characters, an RSS feed of this Indiedb page, videos, promo images, etc. So, I hope you all are looking forward to that.

Anything else new so far? Nothing much besides what I just wrote, except for going in OCD mode and editing some of the current scenes. I haven't gotten a slight bit far down the story and the game already has a lot of options to choose from and I believe over 20,000 words total. So yeah, it'll definitely be a lengthy Visual Novel. One thing I feel like I should mention is an idea about integrating voice acting; I'm not 100% sure on this but I would like to give a try at seeing how Voice Acting would work in WAGAKKIWA (if you wanna send your voice for a try out, feel free to message Again; I'm not 100% sure of voice acting, as that sorta thing is a "It either works 100% or not" with the Visual Novel industry.

That's all for today, thanks for your time! Be sure to come back here for more updates on the game, and if you definitely wanna keep updated and play it (it'll be FREE!) when it's released, make sure to 'Track this Game!'

~Jake of Paperviper

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