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The Visual Novel "WAGAKKIWA" is going back to the drawing board for some hihgly-needed quality, story, and graphic updates.

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It's been so long. When I was getting back to other work and school, I figured I'd just work on WAGAKKIWA in my "spare time." That never happened, so I eventually decided why not quit the project? But, I like games, I love visual novels and child me would love the fact that I at least pulled through to make and publish 1 game the world or at least any amount of people (give or take) would enjoy. So, I decided to start up WAGAKKIWA again. At a slow pace, however. I'm creating a brand new project workspace, using new graphics and fixing up the story, etc. I am keeping the same concept, story line, programming, etc. But I'm changing the things that bothered me such as lack of and/or misplaced music and sound effects, lifeless character sprites, story mistakes, overlay styling problems, etc. The first thing I am starting on now is graphics - characters mostly. I want to make the character sprites bigger and at angles. On top of that, I want them to be filled with some form of life. By this, I mean making most neutral models have some sort of "breathing" animation. The reason I'm tackling this first is because I'm making the game with the Ren'py open source VN engine, and they don't support .gif files (which would make things much easier but be bad on compression). So, I'm working in trusty Photoshop CC 2014 to create slight breathing animation using Puppet Warp, etc and either hope that Ren'py will render out the final products from one file or that I just use live composite to include each breathing frame. This will take about 3 weeks to complete all characters in one to two of their outfits. So about 2 to 3 months focused on just hitting the characters up, crazy right?

Yeah, it is crazy. [By the way, I'll keep everyone here posted with Dev Diary videos hosted on my YouTube account]. That's why I'll be mixing the work all together, mainly the programming and character sprites. Music and BG art, UI art won't be too hard but programming the entire quest and paths plus getting all the characters in the right dimensions with multiple poses in the right spots with breathing will be the hardest task. Of course, I'm always open for help from anyone wanting to officially join the Paperviper/SenpaiJake (name subject to change)'s team or anyone that just wants to help with this project. Just shoot me a message on here.

But, yeah that's it. I'm starting up the project again. Now that I'm back in school, it's going to be a bitch (on Christmas break right now, but...) so this game isn't going to see a light of full completion day in less than a year, that is for sure.

Wanna help the project but don't wanna contribute art, code, or music stuffs? That's cool, just tell everyone you know about WAGAKKIWA. The game will be free, but you will also be able to buy it from it's future webpage for just $10 to show your support to me, the contributors/team mates (if there will be any by the time), and that you would love to see more Paperviper/SenpaiJake (name subject to change) games in the future. The difference between the free game and $10 version is basically DLC. You'll get all premium DLC for the game (yes, there will be mini episodes to come after a release of the game) for free with the files for the upgrade sent to your email. If you got the free version, you can still purchase those separate DLC mini episodes anytime by theirself for some price yet to be decided.

I hope you guys keep updated with this game, as I love games and computers and want to sculpt my future around them. I would appreciate any and all support and contributions from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for reading this long-awaited update!

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