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General information about the mod. -Features -Team members

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Welcome to the general information page.

(We are soley based on the TWC website, and so the links related to the person are their profile pages on the website.

Main team members

-Mod leader
Dictator Of The Roman Republic (AKA DictatorOfRome (on this website))
Warrior Cat
The Kybrothilian
Special Honorary

(Other general credits and more specific information about the team members roles can be see on our public thread. )

-Mod features
others will be announced/updated in time as the mod closes to release.
- 21 new faction symbols
- 21 new faction banners
-Every faction will have it's own intro video
- Pinarius horse textures
-Ferres horse textures
-Roma Surrectum environment
- 21 new general map models
- 21 new general in game models
- 21 new captains(lesser general's ) map models
- 21 new captain in game models
- 21 new diplomat map models
- 21 new assassin map models
- 21 new ship map models
- No border between regions on the minimap
-Projectile sticking into the ground mod( the time of projectiles, which includes rocks, arrows & spears is increased almost twice)
-New Greek Wall textures
- New Roman Wall textures
-Green arrows removed when units selected
-New main menu background picture, cursor & animations

Theses are some of small amount of features that will be in the finished version of the mod.

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