Post news RSS VtM: The Final Nights makes it to ModDB!

We're finally here on ModDB. Please come visit our forum for dicussions about the newest upcoming mod by Team Camarilla International!

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Things are going very well for us and we're excited to talk about the latest developments by our team.

1. We have created our first fully interactive and voiced acted NPC fully set with a history, background, new quests, and a store. He is of clan Assamite and you can learn a great deal about the new playable clans from him.
2. New Quests are being developed by more on that later!
3. The disciplines are done and 3 videos have been posted on youtube!
4. We are excited about developing the new PC skins, more on this later!
5. The Santa Monica level is being overhauled with a new and exciting look, check out the screenshots of the new "Sunrise Diner"!

If you would like to speak with us about our latest development to Bloodlines, visit us at

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