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Full version update log here, Still alive, thanks for continued support to this little project.

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Download links [Updated July 10 2021]

1 - 【Moddb Mirror】 - ↓2 - 【BaiduCloud百度云 Mirror ( password: 6MV1 )】-↓

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Release Version 13 is here. The package also includes a copy of spawner.xdp file for anyone who wants to play on cncnet5 client, be sure to retain a copy of the original spawner.xdp before overwriting it.

Version 13 features additional balance changes and tech tree revamps. Credit to Madman_M,Yuuka, and AlexY for supporting the development of this version. Psychic Beacon and Yuri Statue have been brought back to Yuri arsenal and serves as T2 tech with a twist. AI and performance improvement have also been implemented along with bug fixes.

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VS INI v13

*Release version 13* (Changes are based on previous mod version VS_INI_12 not original YR)

Game-play changes:
1.All 3 Heroes' cost increased from 1500 to 2000, now they are all capable of detecting/targeting disguised infantries and units.
2.All War Factories now have 0.9x Buildtimemultiplier.
3.All 3 basic infantries' weapon damage/ROF increased by ~50%, warhead effectiveness against [light] armor decreased from 30% to 25%, FireUp improved from 1 to 0.
4.All 3 Major Superweapons can now directly damage or affect vehicles inside TankBunkers.

1.Allied Dolphin's weapon effectiveness against [light] armor decreased from 75% to 65%.
2.Allied Tanya speed decreased from 10 to 9.
3.Allied Battle Fortress' HP increased from 1050 to 1100, anti jumpjet infantry weapon range increased from 6.75 to 7.75.
4.Allied Patriot Missile's AA weapon now has CellSpread=0.7 with PercentAtMax=0.1.

1.Iraq Desolator's deploy weapon effectiveness against [light] armor increased from 35% to 40%.
2.Soviet Nuclear Reactor's name changed to Advance Power Plant, Turbine Upgrade's name changed to Nuclear Reactor. Advanced Power Plant's power production decreased from 400 to 300, Nuclear Reactor upgrade's cost increased from 1200 to 2000, power production increased from 1000 to 1200(+400%), reactor upgrade's weapon RadLevel increased from 70 to 90.
3.Soviet Battle Lab now requires RadarTower+AdvPowerPlantr+WarFactory.
4.Soviet Boris warhead's PercentAtMax increased from 0.5 to 0.7.
5.Soviet Sentry Gun cost decreased from 650 to 600.
6.Soviet Nuclear Missile's warhead effectiveness against [light] armor increased from 225% to 300%.
7.Lybian Demolition Truck's weapon effectiveness against [heavy] armor decreased from 80% to 65%.

1.Moved Yuri Statue hover unit from crate-only to Yuri faction. Prerequisite changed to BattleLab+Grinder, cost set to 2000, this unit is immune to MindControl/Chaos/Radiation. Weapon changed to disk laser and virus blaster. This unit requires power and YuriBattleLab to function (Similar to RobotTank).
2.Yuri Magnetron can no longer insta-lift any units, lift delay (directly proportional to unit size) via Gattling logic has been added. Unit with size=3 has tier 1 delay time(instant lift), unit with size=6 has tier 2 delay time, unit with size>6(CapitalShips/Submarines/YuriStatue) has tier 3 delay time. Secondary weapon damage increased from 300 to 350, ROF decreased from 75 to 70. Now requires only Grinder to unlock.
3.Yuri Prime's deploy weapon effectiveness against buildings increased from 4%,18%,3% to 6%,20%,5%.
4.Yuri Psychic Sensor's cost decreased from 1500 to 1000, HP decreased from 750 to 700, no longer serves as dedicated T2 tech structure, it now unlocks Virus. Psychic Reveal Superweapon now requires both Psychic Beacon and Psychic Sensor to unlock.
5.Added Psychic Beacon as T2 tech advancement structure for Yuri faction, power consumption increased from 75 to 100, requires PsychicSensor+BioReactor to build, it now unlocks YuriClone/PsychicTower/ChaosDrone. It is capable of defending itself with a slow firing mind control weapon similar to PsychicTower's.
6.Yuri Grinder's power consumption decreased from 100 to 75, cost decreased from 1200 to 1000, prerequisite changed from PsychicSensor to PsychicBeacon.
7.Yuri Malaria now requires PsychicBeacon+PsychicSensor to unlock.
8.Yuri Bio Reactor's cost decreased from 700 to 600.
9.Yuri Slaveminer's cost decreased from 2400 to 2200, power consumption decreased from 75 to 50, total slaves decreased from 6 to 5, slave reload time improved from 40 to 35, slave replenish time decreased from 600 to 500.
10.Yuri Floating Disk's HP increased from 485 to 500.
11.Yuri Spy is now immune to poison.
12.Yuri Virus' weapon effectiveness against [special_1] decreased from 10% to 8%, AG weapon against [light] armor decreased from 6% to 5%.
13.Yuri Prime's FireUp improved from 6 to 1.
14.Yuri Clone's FireUp improved from 6 to 3.

Other changes:
1.Reduced Genetic Mutation's particle quantity to improve performance.
2.Fixed Hover Monkey having incorrect weapon tags.
3.Improved Soviet AI Spy's infiltration scripts.
4.Fixed AIs' Super Weapon targeting priorities being not randomized.
5.Fixed animation bug in Campaign mode(Credit to Madman_M).
6.Fixed some Soviet AI's Apocalypse Team having incorrect task forces.
7.Added additional ActiveAnim for Bio Reactor.
8.Further increased LasherTank/GattlingTank/Magnetron/Malaria/Disk usage for Yuri AI.
9.AI TotalAITeamCap= decreased from 125,135,135 to 125,75,50.
10..AI base defense team quantity increased from 13,13,13 to 20,15,15.
11.Fixed Yuri WarFactory's production animation having incorrect translucency setting.
12.Reduced Virus weapon's particle quantities to improve performance.
13.Misc animation and sound FX adjustments.

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