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If you do feel like this game deserves to be on steam, click the link and vote.

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Below is the link to our greenlight page. If you do feel like this game deserves to be on steam, I would greatly appreciate you voting yes for Heresy.

Greenlight Description:

You take the role of a God influencing the lives of your followers in a medieval setting. Build villages, castles and defend them from raiders. Possess your followers to take direct control over their actions. Advance your civilization for better technologies, buildings, abilities, and equipment.


Full RTS capabilities to construct, manage, and fight over your constructions. Automate the duties of your entire empire to focus on what you wish to accomplish.
Take direct control of any of your followers in battle or exploration. Play Heresy as a pure real-time strategy game or examine the game from a 1st or 3rd person perspective.
3 Current game-modes including Siege, Free Build and Onslaught(Survival).

Combat - melee and ranged fighting with varying damage statistics effecting each body part for a unit
Fully Collapsable Buildings - Every building falls realistically given too much damage/fire
Resource Gathering - automated and direct collection of wood and ore to create buildiings and equipment
Inventory - weapons, armor, shields, helmets, clothing and bows to customize each follower's gear
Weapon/Armor Production - specialized buildings allow for your followers forge new weapons
Research - unlocks new buildings, equipment, and abilities
Family trees/Reproduction - tracks the generations of followers over time
Royalty commands - manage your kingdom from the central command building/keep
Squad Control - issue commands individually or as a squad

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