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This is a shout-out to anyone that wants to volunteer on this mod.

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Below is a list of voluntary jobs please private message me if your interested. And sorry there is no pay for the help it s more of a hobby thing, sorry about that.
Voluntary Jobs List:
Map Designer (This job is more of a priority than the quest designer because I need someone to make Thorgrandia so it is unique) Sorry about my terrible English in a bit of a rush :)
Quest Designer
Lore Writer (This is not as urgent as the others, I would do it but I have no time) TAKEN
Scene Designer (I am hopeless at this I just cannot seem to get what I want and cannot get it to work with the game) TAKEN
Texture Creator TAKEN
Scripter (Mostly to add triggers and new events)

Sorry if I am not using the correct terms for the jobs. This is my first proper mod I am still new to all the coding and modelling stuff.
There will probably be more jobs in the future I just want to get the base jobs done first.

Remember to private message me if you are interested :) Thanks!!

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