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Due to complications with the project, it’s better to just first make a Wolfenstein remake game in preparation for Volkograd 3D so that we can really deliver it right. Wolfenstein Retold is a remake of Wolfenstein 3D and a direct prequel to Volkograd 3D. Escape from a Nazi Castle, sabotage the Reich’s weapons research facility, and join the offensive to push Germany back to Berlin and confront the Fuhrer himself!

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Hello again! Sorry I've not been posting in a long time, but let me break the silence.

Since where I last left off, I've finished the Susie and Ralsei companion mods, and then I'd been busy with school. I actively post at my youtube community posts, and sometimes videos, but I'm mostly active in my discord server. If you guys want to be following my progress on my mods as closely as possible, check out either platform. Discord especially.
My Youtube
My Discord.

With that out of the way, what happened to Volkograd3D?

The game's still getting progress, but the premise of the game has a shift in focus. Volkograd 3D as a Red Alert themed Wolfenstein game is postponed. For now we're getting WOLFENSTEIN RETOLD

When I started on this mod with my friend, I was still not as adept as I'd like in both spriting and coding. I did not feel my skills were adequate to be able to deliver what I want to with this mod, so I took a break. With Volkograd3D, I would have had to create a lot of assets from scratch. NPCs, props, textures, etc.
All the assets made for Volkograd3D were being made in a way that they could be reused for when we make a Wolfenstein game. Me and my friend realized it would have been WAY easier to have just done it the other way around. Make a Wolfenstein game first, do assets for that, and it would've been easier with the vanilla assets for references, and I'd get to study and understand the artstyle. And by then, I would be ready to take on Volkograd and use the assets from the Wolfenstein game for it.

And that's exactly what Me and my friend, Rifle_Infantry decided to do.
I have learned from making some mini projects like the Deltarune companion mods and other stuff. I feel I'm able to handle this project now. There already had been progress made to it, just that I have not posted it on ModDB yet. They're on my Youtube and Discord, which again, I urge you guys to check out if you wanna keep updated on this.

Wolfenstein Retold

Wolfenstein Retold is going to be a Wolfenstein remake where you relive the story of Wolfenstein 3D and is a prequel to Volkograd3D.
Originally going to be a successor to Brutal Wolfenstein and be named Brutal Wolfenstein Classic, We decided to rename it because it's to be heading a different direction from Zio's Brutal Wolfenstein, and though it will have gore, brutality is not the main focus, just the cherry on the cake.
Wolfenstein Retold is built from the ground up separate from Volkograd's build, but it does use most of the code i could reuse, so that Volkograd's progress don't go to waste.
I wanted to make this post come out with a trailer, but I don't have the NPCs implemented in game, and I feel it wouldn't look presentable. That said, the progress on those NPC animations are going well and I have updates on them you could check out on my discord which I'd be posting on here too..
I don't like to reveal and promise on what would happen to this one, because I feel it's best kept a surprise and stuff are still mostly subject to change.
Pretty much a lot of what was showcased for Volkograd 3D would be retained in this game.

Are we still getting Volkograd someday?

Hell yeah.

Like I said, a major part of why I shifted focus was convenience of spriting. The thing is that when I get more animations out for a Wolfenstein themed mod, it'd make it easier for me to make Volkograd because I can just template the animations off of the vanilla stuff I'd be making. I get to hit two birds with one stone. Also, I'd get more experience making Wolfenstein Retold so that when I make Volkograd, I'd be more competent with what i'd be doing... I hope. Volkograd 3D will be a sequel/expansion to Wolfenstein Retold.

I will end this post off with a question to you however:

Should I make a new ModDB page for Wolfenstein Retold or just convert this into Wolfenstein Retold's page?

Answer in the comments below, because I really can't decide.


Make a new page for Wolfenstein Retold since its gonna be a seperate project and when you get back to Volkograd 3D you can just pickup where ya left off

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