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Volcanorium. Part 1. Gods are rising. 12 000 years till the Yotuns invasion.

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Part 1. Gods are Rising.

Mecus .... This world, as the ancient ignoramuses used to say, stood anciently on the Three Whales of the Divine .... Great Khaton, how foolish these fools were, that they were lying to everyone and distorting the truth. It even happened that the fire was burned for one mention of the planetary form of our world, the blessed and blessed Mekus. The sages tried to bring truth to these church ignoramuses, but those pagans believed them and punished them. How many wise men have laid their heads for the proof of the great truth! How many brave men tried to fight these fools! How many of them have been found at the hands of the executioners! God ..... And it's scary to think that these fanatics worked with great learned men and maidens. But only their bodies were flogged, only the bodies, but the souls were saved. They lighted their light-carrying liners on their chariots, and sent them straight to Khaton in his blessed abode. Then Khaton said to them, you fell into eternal paradise because they tried to convey the truth and were brave. And so by this you will become my liners in paradise hills, because you did not renounce your faith and did not lose heart in the presence of stupid creatures, and those careless beasts in human form that call themselves my ministers will forever smolder in worlds without light and fire , And till now they have appeared, that people of the good burned on the bonfires, realize how terrible their deeds were. And to this day these madmen and murderers languish in the great darkness, they do not know the light of either fire or heat. They are cursed forever. And those men that faith defended truthfully and truth were reported, the liters were rebelled from the fire. Blessed be Khaton, the great God of H'Shangar the Lightbearer, that he created us all and inhabited the universe with living entities. Blessed be he a thousand times for all ages and times! Blessed be H'Shangar! Blessed be their name!
Perhaps, it is necessary to me to continue further. No one almost knew how the tribe came to statehood. Ancient legends and myths have already been forgotten. But everyone knew that the first state, which rose from the darkness, was the great Laurasia. Great indestructible Laurasia. An ancient mighty kingdom, its castles were tall and beautiful, and the city streets are full of people and all kinds of dishes. This kingdom of famine did not know, since its lands were fertile, and the climate warm and affectionate for everyone. Then other kingdoms rebelled. Frankonis from many principalities was formed, having elected a single husband, that he was known as a knight. King Frankonis wisely governed and was friendly with the monarchs of Lavra. Then Iberia and its mountain lands rose from the darkness of ignorance and lawlessness. The new kingdom was formed in the mountains of the great, and to this day its kings dominate there and the agreements are held with the rest. Then Rusland went into the arena. This kingdom did not immediately come to peace and harmony within its own land. In the beginning, there were many princes there, that between themselves constantly fought. And they went on each other, crushing everything in their way. But this dark time ended, and the king came to power, one and powerful, that united that earth. Then all the men and maidens learned about the new states, which appeared as if in one day. Granddaughter Aldavia and Doritai, her neighbor, overcame strife and strife. In Doritai kagan came the great to power, and in Aldavia the princes elected a new elder, that took them under control and afterwards killed, and having killed them, declared himself the ruler of the one and became equal to the kings. Laurasia was considered the greatest of the kingdoms of this continent. After all, the continent was called that way. Khaton called him so blessed. He walked with his mighty staff through the land in time immemorial, and ordered him to name the continent in the north of Laurasia. But in this world there was not only one mainland. In the south, there were also lands. Khaton set his foot on the land of the south, and called them Hoarem. He connected the continents with a small isthmus, and this isthmus was for merchants and merchants. Alas ... the language of H'Shangaara is not clear to us to this day, and it is impossible to solve it in any way. But we will not encroach on God's knowledge. Blessed be H'Shangar! Blessed be their name!
About Hoarem I can not say kind words. Ever since the beginning of time all the time there, some conflicts have flared up. It was not peaceful. For the harvest struggled or for resources. Wars started for women, and death was everywhere. Not only people in the south lived, but also other beings. Khaton did not only inhabit the great human Mecus, but also other creatures, which he created then. The Neren sorcerers, who were famous for their purple, set up their villages west of their neighbors. The whole west of Hoarema was subject to them. The dogma dominions were in the east, and they had no unity with dog people. Intestine conflicts and contention. All the time there were wars and conflicts. The tribe on the tribe was advancing, but the race for the race. And all the south and the central lands of Hoarem were given to people. And people were there, perhaps, more terrible than any creatures from the world of darkness who came. A lot of conflicts were conducted there, but still after what time, unity was awakened in them. Then they created a great kingdom, called it Shirvastan. Khaton was not worshiped there, but faith was chosen quite different, different from ours. They decided to worship the Saints, great creatures of light and fire. But in the books of the Light-bearer, these Devas were never mentioned, so I do not believe in them in any way, ask me to forgive. In the far south, power was taken by ebony people, whose skin was blacker than tar, was. They created their principalities and kingdoms. There were many of them, but Zanesbar, Lahha and Gehry were considered famous. A little east of Nezia, and later they created the capital, calling it Shakarta. And this city was considered a city of great philosophies and numerous pagodas. And in Shirvastan, they thought about the capital for a long time. At first they talked about Jahadma-Palu, the city of stupas and temples. But after it was decided to make the capital in Amahur, a fortress great. This city was built to repel dogma dog attacks, and was known as the strongest indestructible. Its towers towered to the sky, and the walls were strong enough to withstand the bombardment of the rocket-propelled guns. That's all you can say about Hoarem. It was not quite there at the beginning of days. And what now ... And even in these days it lives there severely, uneasy. And people's lives can not be called happy.
Now I will tell you about the era of great achievements. And you should know only one thing. If it were not for those heroes mighty that our world has been preserved and left us all alive, I'm afraid that nothing would have happened. The world could just split into pieces. And our race with you will forever be lost. What would Khaton say then ... What would he have thought when he heard about the death of his planet and his loyal subjects. What the great H'Shangar would say, looking at thousands of debris that hovered in space by air. Perhaps we will not talk about this more. We will be transported during the period of the knight of mighty, that Rodrikom was called. Rodrik or Rorik. This knight was familiar to me. He was a brave man, and he helped us with his valor. But not only was Rodrik at the time, but also his blood brothers and faithful friends. About everything, I must tell you, while still alive. The Khaton blessed knows that I must tell this to you. And he will not take me back to the worlds of liners until I tell you everything. Be blessed be Khaton! Blessed be H'Shangar!
We will return in the year 23rd. At that time, the great Nikolai Laurasia was ruled. This king was mighty and courageous, but he was no less famous for his kindness. Nikolai had friendship with many of the rulers. And with Shirvastan he contracted the trade contract at the beginning of his reign. Sultan Zavahar considered Nicholas a worthy ruler. They met together in one of the magnificent gardens of the Amahur palace and conducted conversations. Wise was the sultan of Shirvastan, and many of the rulers of the mainland in the north believed that it was he who would put an end to the long-standing quarrels. After all, it happened that the Shirvan people came to the Laurasian lands with weapons and repaired robbery. There were also wars between Shirvastan and the northern kingdoms. Aldavia and Doritai centuries ago kept the whole horde sent by the sultan Urazam. Zavahar apologized to Nicholas for all his sins and mortal deeds, that he was inflicted by people for many centuries. With the Nerans, the ruler Amahursky kept the partnership and led the trade. But Nikolai did not much like Zavuhar's aspirations for friendship with sorcerers. The sultan of the great was invited to many people in Shirvastan, and with them many conversations supported about different topics. Zavuhar trusted wizards from the western lands of Hoarem, listened to them. And Nikolai noticed that this did not work for good. Zavukhar had only one wife. Her name was Farida, and her beauty, perhaps, was not on the whole Mekus. But here the grief happened. She was born with her, and Farida died, leaving behind only an eerie freak. The child was born of two heads and three legs, and was immediately stabbed. In a great grief there was then Zavuhar. He tore his hair, and did not know what to do. He had no more wives, and the long-awaited heir did not appear. After a while, Zavukhar learned that his neighbor, the king of Nairan, Alargar, had the same misfortune. The only spouse left this world, leaving behind a freak. Alargar, like his neighbor, ordered the guards to destroy this creature, that horror inspired anyone who looked at it. But the troubles of the Hoem's land did not end there either.
After the birth of the freaks and their slaughter, there were crop failures. The whole summer was raining, and the sun was not showing at all. In the south, there were floods that made real waterfalls in the lands of peasants. Thousands of villages have been demolished, and their inhabitants are buried under water. Then for a year the next drought came. The sun was shining so brightly that you could not look at it. The air was so hot that many were just choking. Many lakes and rivers that give life have dried up. Killed thousands and thousands of people. The darkness fell on Hoarem. Many unfortunate and destitute people went into pirates and robbed merchant ships. Robbers have appeared in the forests a lot. On the rivers prevailed ushkuynikov domination. But not only Hoarem suffered a grief, but also Laurasia. From the far north, the savages and marauders descended to the lands of Rusland and Laurasia. They did violence and people ate. Villages and villages were attacked by terrible barbarians. They did not just kill those unfortunate people, but even devoured them. Torn out their eyes and tongues. Cut stomachs and internal organs scattered everywhere. Nightmares terrified all people and their roommates. Another thing to tell about the garden, which was planted by King Louis Frank. This garden was so magnificent that many kings and kings came to marvel at its beauties. But he was dead and dead. For one night, the trees just died out, and even experienced gardeners could not explain what caused this grief. Many old female spellcasters, who lived in quiet villages, began to talk about the spoiling, sent from Shirvastan and the southern lands. But no one believed them, since there was no war with Shirvastan and the lands of Hoarem. There were no conflicts and conflicts. Nobody trusted the old women, taking all of them for the mad frenzy of hell. And in vain .... They were fools that did not hear the prophecy of the leaders.
And after all these nightmares came news of strange sorcerers. It all began in the Nairen lands, where the first wise men appeared. Wizards of this faith preached a strange, arisen, as they themselves said, from the spheres of the cosmic. There was talk about a new god, whose name was hidden. They just called it the Greatest. The greatest of the Gods. Another was his name, the Four-Tried Baby. They penetrated not only into the Nærén kingdom, but also into other lands. In Shirvastan, they flooded with a great flow, gathering their own supporters. Promises they promised false. They said to the villagers that the Greatest of the Gods would save them all, feed them and give them drink. But in return, they should have renounced the old faith and recognize the new dominion. The Magi-false teachers of the southern lands flooded like locusts. Especially they were full in the lands of ebony people. They managed to persuade all the dark-skinned people to take their side. And the savages from Gehry and Lhasa began to visit the neighbors to the north and beat them to death. The robberies began in the south of Shirvastan. And the news began to penetrate everywhere. Laurasia was not an exception, and soon there came King Louis of Franconis. He decided to call on Nikolai to visit him and tell him everything at once. The king of Franconis became agitated. He was worried in his heart. For the first time such it was seen by the great Nikolai of Laurasia.
Ludovic arrived immediately in Laparna, the capital of Laurasia. Nicholas met him with his soldiers at the door of the castle and led him to his chambers. Knights of his Louis left to feast with the guards of his companion. The very same king of Franconis wanted to talk with his brother in private. He did not leave anybody a witness. Even me, the monk, was sent to the castle cell. About what happened, I learned only after. All servants and knights guarding both kings were forced to retire. And then he sat down on an armchair, upholstered with the skin of a bear, straightening his coat and hat with feathers. But Nicholas sat opposite him. Both looked really great. Their camisoles shone with purity, and the feathers on their hats impressed everyone with their beauty. But the great men of Laurasia were not surprised at each other, but for hard conversations.
"Have you heard about what is happening in the lands of the Shirvastan?" said the mighty Lyudovik.
To which Nikolai answered him the truth.
"Only only distantly, my friend." "I do not have eyes and ears everywhere." "Do I look like Shkata?"
He also mentioned Robert, that he became a Doranic kagan then. Robert was from brave men. He carried in himself two bloods - the laurasian and the Doritic, and declared himself a ruler, like the rest of the brethren of the Laurasian. And he wore a hat and a polished coat, and even wore a sword at his waist like a real grand from Iberia.
"So, you started talking about the Scale," continued his King Frankonis, referring to his brother, "Robert told me everything, he and Shirvastan have a friendship." Our spies were worried about him.
"About these sorcerers?" the great Nikolai asked immediately, "So I know, let these wizards with their Greatest of the Gods remain in Shirvastan, they will not touch us, and if they do, they will burn them in a flash." I heard about their sacrifices. But these are not our problems, these are Shirvastan cases, and I did not hear Zavukhar calling for help. "
"So far, he did not call," Louis replied, "But soon he will call." The wizards of these devils set up southern possessions against the sultan.In the Nairen kingdom they managed to stir up riots against Allargar and spread their faith everywhere.The statues of the Greatest of the Gods are erected throughout the south of Hoarem The terrible priests put the unfortunate on the sacrificial tables and stab.Many are cut off by scalps and heads, and with the blood of the servants they are blotting themselves from head to toe.This is done with those who deny the Greatest of the Gods. they bring Robert's spies and Robert immediately came to Paris and told me everything personally, and then told the spies to repeat their information they had obtained, I heard everything enough, now I'm with you. "I tell you, trouble is coming to our gates" .
Then the great Nicholas thought. He was silent for two minutes or maybe more. He sipped a few sips from a jar from Brandy from English, and then only decided to speak. For a long time he had to think through all the phrases. These information did not inspire any hope. But he was well aware that in Laurasia another is a concern. The barbarians from the north attacked the peasants' possessions, and the Laurasia army had to defend itself from an eerie enemy. In the south, there were always wars, and Hoarem residents, as a rule, solved these issues on their own, without external interference. Zavukhar Janissaries had a lot, and he could fight with them even with giants from myths.
"It's not our concern," Nikolai said at the time, "In the south they have all the time enmity and violence, and Zavukhar has a strong army there, I myself attended his Janissary parade, and saw their skills, they will keep these sorcerers" .
"Paul-Shirvastan is already in the war," said the governor, "Warlocks raise up." They call for the overthrow of the old regime and deny the belief in the Devas. "The Nairin kingdom is already mired in the slaughter." Shirvastan suppresses riots as best as possible. "Zavuhar calls on thousands of his warriors to protect the empire, but the peasant insurgencies do not cease, and ebony people are climbing from all sides. "Dogmat gangsters, too, do not want to indulge in their own affairs, but attack the eastern sanjaks." Chakos overtakes Shirvastan and its surrounding lands. power. I, too, think about it. We are together so judged. If villainy not subside, we will send the army to help Shirvastanu ".
The lord of the Laurasian nodded to his companion and friend. He did not interfere with the decision of Louis, and had no right. But at the same time he remained with his opinion and did not dare change it.
"We have some troubles here with barbarians," Nikolai said at the time, "The barbarians from the north, the hordes from Nordian are climbing to our lands, ruining villages of peasants, we have to fight with them, especially since the Russian tsar has already learned about this. Marauders and assassins penetrate into his domain as well: King Peter set up bush regiments along all the borders, the threat of the attacks of the barbarians has already become serious, and you are talking about sorcerers, if Zavukhar personally asks me to take part in his quarrels, then I will appear with a huge army And meanwhile, I believe, the Janissaries will be able to okrushit horde. In the end, the rebels are not warriors, as I see. They're after simple ploughmen and farmers. "
But he objected to his companion, Louis, for he still did not tell. Not all the truth was known to the great King of Laurasia. Not too much information still rushed over his head.
"Not only the peasants revolt against Zavuhar," said the ruler of Franconis, "But the soldiers." Many Shirvastan warriors among the villagers have roots, and they do not want to kill their fathers and mothers. They stand on the side of the tillers. "Several Azabov regiments have already turned from the true and the warlords went over to the insurgents, now wizards are in charge of them. "Warlocks and civilians." The civil war had already struck at Shirvastan, and Zavukhara would not be prevented from helping in the struggle with the hellish devils. "The servants of the Greatest God spread everywhere. Robert himself is in great terror, even in his possession there have been a few of the litigants, three have already been hanged, and five are searched in all the forests and mountains. "This is what is happening in the southern lands, my brother."
The great sorrow struck Nicholas at that moment. After all, Robert's land was very near. Laurasia bordered on Doritas from time immemorial. In the last centuries of wars between Dorait and its neighbors, it almost never happened. And it was peaceful there everywhere. But the information about the sorcerers, which appeared quite near, seriously alarmed the great ruler. However, the army did not dare to send troops. He waited for a special moment ... But in vain .... Though he is our king, and I appreciate and respect him, but he would better send his warriors then, and they would suppress the uprisings in the south.
"I will leave my soldiers here for now," said the King of Laurasia to Louis, "But if Zabukhar sends his ambassadors and says that I will come, I will come at once." Meanwhile, the barbarians are interfering with the kingdom, and it is necessary to sort them out, but only there is a question One, just in case, is there any leader of these warlocks? Well, maybe some kind of "holy warrior" who would consider himself a messiah. "Do they have a leader or several?"
Nikolay seriously worried about such events. He nevertheless wished to learn from his comrade-in-arms more information about all the leaders of the uprising. It is better to know this now than later. After all, "later" could not come.
"They have a lot of Lihodov," replied the ruler of the city of Ludovik, "So far there are five, one calls himself Mirtan Shkhar, and the second is called Milan." The third magician may not be a husband, but a virgin. "He calls himself a Black Lotus. all with a dagger with poison and makes terrible rituals.The fourth leader of the uprising is not a magician at all, but a simple man called Zarheb Kovadzho, he was known by the Magaraj until he was betrayed by the Sultan, and now he and his host have become witches for wizards. The Greatest of the Gods rules them, but there are also five th. The fifth magician. dangerous of all ... his name was hard to get. Shkatov lost two of their spies. "
Nikolai was shocked at the flow of information that came from his colleague and friend. And he praised mentally the spies of Robert, that brave men were known. They managed to penetrate too deeply into the southern lands and obtained many valuable messages. In the eyes of Nicholas, they were real heroes. These warriors were worthy of the highest praise.
"The name of the fifth magician is very unusual," King Franck said at the time, "His name is Devil Rowling, but his name is strange, no one knows, and the spies of Robert spent a lot of time trying to get into the ranks of the rebels We are very fortunate that we generally know all this, otherwise we would be in ignorance, but it's okay if I go to my husbands.It's time for Paris to go back.I'm sorry, I'm not going to stay long, and I'll spend the night in the diligence. "
Ludovic's eyes were saddened with sorrow. Woe is great in them settled. He did not even want to taste the delicious dishes in the castle of Nicholas. He just hurried back. Bowed to his brother Louis and his hand shook him hard. And then he went quickly to his horses, that they were waiting for him outside the castle. Minutes did not pass, as the ruler of Frankon and his knights left the abode of Nicholas. They hurried back to Paris, for their delays could bring misfortune. They dared not rejoice and feast in these terrible years. Louis was not only a wise man, but also a seer. He knew that he would soon be in the south, and knew that it was no longer possible to delay.
But Nikolai the same Laurasian and remained in the castle at home. So much information drove him mad, that he did not go out to see his brother. They said good-bye right in his chambers. Nikolai did not have a face, as people say. His wife, Ophelia Redhead, tried to calm down for a long time. But the Laurasian ruler did not come to himself for a long time. He had long thought about the words of Louis Franck. He turned them all inside his chapter. And he felt too strange when he heard the name "Rofling". And the king felt a great chill in his heart. And this cold pervaded him so much that he had to wrap himself up in a fur cloak, although on the street, meanwhile, it reigned warmly. No one could console the King of Laurasia. Neither his children nor his wife. Everything was in vain for weeks.
And after two weeks passed, savages again fell upon the lands of the Laurasian from the north. As the spies said, the barbarian king now headed the shaman. He was elected by local elders among the brave warriors. And they say he was not just a warrior, but even a magician. His father was a shaman, and his mother was a local leader. The name of this scoundrel was Coerunas.
He gathered the clans all under the same banner. And thousands and thousands of savage hordes flooded the northern lands. The villages burned these pagans, and the inhabitants mercilessly pinned. Rumors also circulated about how the barbarians of the damned peasants slaughtered and ate corpses in slaughterhouses. The news reached the king. Horrible news. Such a whirlwind of barbarian hordes did not know the Laurasian land. Everything was shaking even in Rusland. King Peter conducted several battles against savage troops, and many of his warriors went into oblivion. But still reflected the first wave. And Coerunas, the damned sorcerer, ordered to drive away his people, in order to send them to battle. As the Russian warriors said, these barbarians fought even half-dead. They were cut to pieces, chopped, but they seemed to be inanimate, inserted again and smashed. Berserkov had a lot in the battle that fought even without hands and feet. Nightmares began in the north. And the great magic came. Coerunas brought the plague to the Russian soldiers, which began to cover their camps and jails. And the warriors killed those thousands.
Then the king decided to send a messenger to the venerable Hilda. Although she was already old, she was forty-three years old, but she looked like an angel. As they say, the king loved her once. But she did not take her husband Khaylan. And the husband then disappeared in the forests of the Bregaian. The hounds said that Khailan simply vanished like a magician, but no one believed them. At first they thought that the king had decided so. But then the king came to Hilda and confessed himself that there had been no murder. He does not know what happened to Khailan. Sir Khailan was a noble knight, was missing, and no one knows where he is now and what has become of him. But in the present days the king did not even think at all that Hilda would embrace. He sent his messenger, so that her sons could call for service. Sir Rodric and Sir Gunderic immediately rushed to the king. And they fell on their knees, proved their loyalty. And Nicholas the venerable took them to the service. Sir Rodric was sent to the frontier to Alphonse, Count Norland. And Gunderic went to the embassy, ​​where he became the bodyguards of the King's envoys. Nicholas decided to double the protection of all embassies that were in different countries. Sir Gunderik was sent to the lands of Shirvastan, so that the lives of the great ambassador and all his secretaries could be saved. He was appointed head of the guard at the Lavraziysky Embassy, ​​which was in the Amahur hail. But Sir Rodrik, being a wonderful swordsman, went north. Count Norland immediately noticed his ability to wield the sword. And just a week later, Sir Rodric on a dashing horse in armor, with a sword and a pike, carried across the expanses of the northern lands.
The order was royal, to find and destroy Coerunas. The spies of Alphonse found out that this scoundrel was in one of the looted villages. This barbarian has just finished with all the inhabitants that were there. He personally tore his eyes clawed at his hand. And his terrible warriors brutalized the wretched of the unfortunate. As soon as the spies reported to the count about finding enemies, he immediately snatched his battle blade. He looked at all the knights and his soldiers. He especially looked at Rodrik, that he had already become famous as the best swordplayer. He looked into their eyes with a fierce look.
"So, my valiant sirs," came a rumbling voice from the earl of the earl, "Today is the battle of the day." Our Koreans are in a neighboring village, and there are plenty of his warriors, but we have cavalry, and this inspires, and barbarians do not ride horses. They do not even know the wheel, so let's take this fight and kill everyone, and if we find Coerunas, we'll cut off his head and put him on the peak, and after that we'll send the enemy's head. the enemy, that's the damned murderer, that he sent so many innocents to the slaughterhouse! "
"Hurray! Hooray! Hooray!", - answers were heard from all sides, "Long live the king! Long live Laurasia!".
But not immediately the brave knights went on the campaign. As soon as Alphonse's speech came to an end, the horns from the east side were heard. As it turned out, the king himself sent help. Ten gunners and twenty petrinels arrived to the aid of the Count and his soldiers. Petrineers-criminals held "sticks of sticks" in their hands, as the people called them. The guns were recharging a long, but death carried to any adversary. Two guns arrived, which also promised a lot ahead of victories. Two guns were created recently, and the king decided to try them out. In the end, damn enemies, that from the north arrived, the best that is for testing. The barbarians decided to shoot.
Good valued Alphonse guns arrived and twenty riflemen said so as not to miss. On which the archers nodded their heads. They were not from the timid dozen. They shot from their guns, better than from bows and from gunshots. And they were not equal. Soon, the warriors went on a campaign. Sir Rodric Banner carried the regiment. He was a brave man, a great warrior. Fear did not know, he did. Even Gunderic sometimes admired his precious brother. And among the knights around Sir Rodric called respect. But there were, of course, those warriors who were envious of Rodrik's fame, and some wished him dead. But this usually always happens. Everywhere and everywhere there are cursed envious persons. Khaton, you'd better send them all to the darkness! Be blessed be Khaton! Blessed be H'Shangar!
Only an hour passed, and the mighty knights overtook the enemy's camp. Koerunas himself with his soldiers was entrenched in a lost village. There were at least five thousand of them there. And the knights of Laurasia decided to advance from the hill. At first they decided to parrot the savage warriors. Pushkarskie troops opened fire from the guns. Kernels flew into the enemies of the damned. Killed at once not less than a hundred. The beastlike enemies noticed Pushkar positions. And they rushed to run in their direction. But then the shot was given to the petrinali. From the guns flew fiery whirlwinds. And a couple of hundred barbarians instantly fell. However, then the guns stopped firing, and petrilists were given an order to withdraw. Meanwhile, the brave sirs with Alfonso the Count and the mighty Rodric, decided to get around the damned from the flanks. And so, as soon as the savages rushed to run after the gunners, the entire cavalry regiment struck them in the rear. And thousands of enemies perished overnight. After all, the knights of Laurasia did not spare the damned. They razed them with spears, swords and axes. Rodrik himself killed most of the enemies in the battle. They praised Khaton the Light-bearer! And the name of his scoundrels was amazed! The priest was among the great warriors. And he fought not with a sword, but with a rod. Razdrablival limbs to enemies.
While all the knights were fighting savages, Sir Rodrik noticed one of the scoundrels that stood out. It was none other than Koerunas himself. He waved his two-handed ax and cut off his legs to his horses. He knocked the knights out of the mares, threw them to the ground, and then slaughtered them like cattle. He chopped the three Laurasian husbands to pieces. But he did not stop there either. He began to shred his head further. And there was a fountain of blood. Rodzik faced a terrible sight. And this scoundrel stood out not only with the ax, but with other accessories. He was dressed in chain mail and a cloak of mammoth skins. On his head was a mighty helmet with a high spire. His beard was bloodier than his. And the neck covered a necklace, monstrous and incredibly terrible. From the eyeballs, he decided to pull the necklace to show his greatness to the enemies. Sir Rodric could not stand the sight of such a thing, and pushed himself forward. From the horse, he jumped down and hit the barbarian sword across the helmet with all his might. Coerunas retreated back, dropping an ax. Rodrik knew that the enemy owns the magic, and it would be better for him to dodge the attacks of the bastard more often. As a noble knight thought, it happened. Koerunas threw a ball into it from the fire. He flew out suddenly, but Rodrik dodged in time, and the fireball exploded behind him.
"You can not beat us, boy," came a raspy voice from the savage's mouth, "No one can do it."
"No," answered the noble knight, "It's not for you to defeat us, barbarian." You'll pay today for all your deeds. "Khaton is a witness, he sees everything."
"Khaton is your dust, and corruptible!" roared in the throat of Coerunas. "He's been dead for a long time!"
No sooner had Rodrik come to his senses than in the hands of the savage was the same ax. The wizard cursed managed to attract him only by the power of thought. But this knight was not broken. He exposed the blade in front of him and beat off the blows of the terrible enemy. And Coerunas continued his onslaught. He tried to cut the head off the enemy, but nothing came of it. The man was Sir Rodric. A wonderful and powerful warrior, he fought desperately and bravely.
"Do not tell you nasty things about Khaton!" then Sir Rodrik shouted fiercely, "You are a barbarian! You do not know anything!".
"No, you do not know that!" - the answer of the enemy was heard, "The greatest of the Gods will kill you all!".
And with these words the enemy burned with this mighty flame. His whole body flushed like a torch. His ax turned into a fiery blade. From the eyes of the savage leader, the scarlet streams flew out, they wanted to descend on the knight of Laurasia. But Rodrick jumped aside in time. Overcoming horror and confusion, Sir Rodric flew to the enemy, like crows. With all its scope, he struck a burning creature in the stomach and cut it through. As soon as the sword of Laurasia of her husband stabbed into the body of the savage king, then in a flash the flame of his inferno was extinguished. Once again, Coerunas became a man. He seized the blade, trying to pull it out of his body, but nothing happened. And so, the savage leader just collapsed to the ground. But blood did not flow from his body. It instantly turned into ashes and dissolved into frosty air.
Sir Rodric smiled for a moment. After all, he managed to end the monster cursed. He killed today the enemy of the great, that terror inspired everyone. But hardly remembered the knight about the words of the murdered savage king, then the joy instantly evaporated from him. After all, this Coerunas about his God did not just say so. He said about the one whom the Greatest of the Gods in the south is called. And it's no accident happened. Not at all. Who was this Greatest God, did not know then Sir Rodric. But he knew the information about the south very well. He knew the secrets, for his house was near to the king. And Hilda is his mother, she knew Nicholas for a long time. Now Sir Rodrik understood everything. All these barbarians, coming from the north, did not just come here.
"Rodrik!" - heard from behind the cries of the soldiers of Laurasia, "Rodrik Rodrik!"
He killed the knights of this mighty enemy, which was called Koerunas. And all the brave soldiers saw it. Only jubilation and joy did not visit the soul of the knight in those moments. He remained standing in the field, looking at a pile of black sand. It was the ashes of that same scoundrel. And he was associated with sorcerers. Not just sent him here. It is possible that Coerunas himself was not at all of the northern kind. Perhaps the one who was called the Devil Rolfing, sent him to the lands of the marauders, in order to tune them against all neighboring kingdoms.
When Alphonse came close to his knight, he again looked him in the eyes, as then, in the tent before the battle. And he saw great sadness in Rodrik's eyes. He decided to speak with a mighty warrior. He felt something was wrong. After all, the commander was not at all fools. And whether he was with Nikolai during a conversation with the king of Frankon, he personally would insist on sending troops to the lands of the south. He felt a great threat coming from Hoarem. Great, still invisible ..... And he saw an invisible connection with the invasions of the barbarians.
"Did you hear something?" - then asked the count-general, "This Coerunas told you something?".
"Yes," Rodrik replied at once, "I think it will be interesting for the king."
"Interestingly?" Then Alphonse asked in bewilderment.
But the knight did not say anything. He just showed what he saw. Not all savage leader turned to dust. He left behind him something that could bring much evidence. On a bloody snow near a pile of black sand lay a small statuette. Alfonz was about to touch her, but Rodrik squeezed his hand instantly. The statuette lay there for a reason. She portrayed a terrible child. The baby with a terrible face and four horns in his head. It would seem that her eyes looked directly into the souls of Alphonse and his knight. And this diabolical view was truly terrible. He pierced the cold sweat immediately.
"Do not touch, my commander," came the words of Sir Rodrick, "She's dangerous, she's witching."
Alphonse nodded at it. But he knew perfectly well that he must get to the king. A figurine of a boy with horns and an eerie demonic face was picked up by a regimental priest. He neatly wrapped it in a bag and hid it from unnecessary eyes. The order was clear. Go back to the city. The war was over in the north. Now it was necessary to return to the king and tell about everything that was.
But the war was not over at Mekus. Monstrous forces were approaching this planet. The whole south has already bowed before the rulers of hell. And a new war has come, much more terrible than that conflict in the northern land.



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