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Along with the new Electrical Protectorate unit list, we have posted six new voices that we tested in Warcraft 3.

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Before we get to the voices, I must announce that the ELECTRICAL PROTECTORATE unit list has been posted! The speculation is now over, and you can see for yourself the true nature of the faction.

As I said in the first voices spotlight, we recorded over 150 lines worth of dialogue during three recording sessions during the last few weekends. Thus, we have decided it would be wise to test how some of them sounded in-game and imported them into Warcraft 3. We were very pleased with the results, and so we now present to you the best of the second batch of voices.

Beagle Light Tank

Voice by Derek Chappell


Voice by Laura Boerner

Particle Expeller

Voice by Colleen Chappell

Riot Agent

Voice by Colleen Chappell


Voice by Sandro Cacciotti

In-game Notifications

Voice provided by Laura Boerner.

(Please note that the test models used in Warcraft 3 ARE NOT models that we will be using in the mod. The models have been borrowed courtesy of .)

I hope that is enough to tide you over for now, as our focus now is on getting you some great images of the Electrical Protectorate units.


The Notifications (Aka the Eva) sounds pretty awesome. =P

The Beagle Light Tank is Funny almost as funny as the Sparrow. (aka because it uses what 'lol' US says some of the times.)

I heard the other ones on Youtube. =P

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beagle sounds great, like most of the confederate units i must admit. But the Particle Expeller and the Riot Agent sounds pretty much like a... i dunno 10 years old guy. At least lower the pitch a bit, IMO.

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Nah Riot Agent sounds cool.

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