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After two months of production, we're finally getting around to making it public. Voice actors, explanation of the plot/area changing based on moral decisions, and just talking.

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Well, it's public. I've been working on this for a couple months now, and a few other people have joined, and it's turned from just a simple horror game, into a whole engrossing, terrifying, adventure. It's turning out so much better than I had expected.
Any-who, we are looking for voice actors. Just for minor roles, three or four lines max. If you're interested please message, I'll consider anything.
What I mean in the summary by you choose your own path for the story is the game has a plethora of endings. The choices you make in the moral decisions throughout the game ultimately decide the story, and will even change the environments altogether. Some areas will only be able to be seen if you make a certain decision, and some entire levels will be only playable if a certain decision is made.
As you can see, we're putting a heavy emphasis on story, and like the Half-Life series, you never leave the player's perspective.
If you have anything you want to offer, just message. Again, I'll consider anything. (y)

Thanks for reading this, it really does mean a lot, and please watch the mod, I'll be releasing a short little teaser in about a month of just a few chapters.

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