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Summary of our last week's work shown with the latest graphics, OST uploads and newest episode of our dev video blog - all about our first dev-baby "One Job"

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Hello fellow indie-games-lovers!

The track we are presenting today, the "Capitalistic Thud", will be played while you will be roaming through Big Banana - the Capital of Capitalism i the world of "One Job". While designing the city, we thought of New York, of course, that's why the track has a Hip Hop beat to it. Enjoy!

This time, instead of just a screen shot, or an animated Gif, we would like to show you our animation test of hero being idle, walking, running, crouching and doing his battle stance. Our animation is being hand drawn, frame-by-frame, and please take into account, that it's still a work in progress.

And now, we would like to present the latest episode of our #Indiedev video blog which, we hope, will make you laugh at least once. In this episode, in a rather not serious manner, we are answering to the question "why are we doing One Job?"

We hope you like everything so far, and as awlays, please leave your comments on what you think, as we're making this game for you, and just want to make it better from the start.

Stay positive!

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