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Try my clever Puzzle-Platformer "Vivid Wolf", the latest Demo is about to go live! It features 3 unique levels that vary in challenge and design.

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I have released a New Demo for my game since the first one a couple of months ago. This is the 3rd one, the original was never released to public as it was very early in development. The Project is currently over 6 months old, and it close to being finished.

But to ensure quality, I'm releasing this right now, a couple of days before the Greenlight Page is made, so that if anybody reports issues I can fix them real quick for a 3.1. If I feel there isn't enough to change, I'll keep it as it is. There will be another Demo made before the Official release, but that's far in the future.

I am hoping to make it through Greenlight fast (doubt it), and if I can help it, I'd like to get the game out around Fall time.

We have many things planned! Such as you'll be able to play as another character that you swap between and has different abilities for getting through obstacles. The character in question is the Wolf in the header image, named Spirit. It will be interesting to see what we can pull off with this second character!

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