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Some changes to the HUD and a new Visor style..

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Took me long enough to finally start to mess around with the HUD and visor, but i like what ive made, and thanks to pvcf it has a cool shaking effect as well.

Now, with a lot of game visors there are some problems, namely, there is too much **** on the screen and it more or less affects the gameplay, yes, it looks good, but player cant really see 100%, with this HUD its the same, player cant see 100% and i made the hud with this on mind, the concept art isn't mine its from Halo 4, however there are some little extras on the HUD and some extra lines, what i designed and placed on the HUD. I will be honest on one thing, the thing isn't still not ready, one of the main problems is the weapon templates, i'm using very old and outdated version of em (too lazy to make em from scratch) and they look...well, bad another problem is the coordinate placement and the amount of weapons player has, personally i would stay with 2 weapons on hand like in all halo games, since there just inst enough weapons to go around.

I have no idea how many weapons there will be like in halo reach if im not mistaking there are about 22 weapons, and trust me, animating, rigging, coding, fx, and particle effecting 22 weapons would take me forever the problem however isnt the amount of weapons, but the technical properties with every weapon that includes grenades.

For example, needle rifle and needler, are impossible to put into game because of those needles sticking out of em the animations wouldn't go together.

Then there are the problems with spartan laser, plasma launcher and plasma pistol, since they recharge before shooting (depending on the firemode for some) its technically impossible for now to get em into game, yes there are some weapons coded in Far Cry what recharge, but contacting those coders has been impossible, and ive given up on the idea.

It is coded into the mod, but its still glitchy and doesn't work on the way i would like to thus ive given up on plasma pistols because of it.

Dual wielding:
Impossible to do it the same way like in Halo 3, the reason is the amount of animation work and coding it would require, its not worth the effort, i', still planning on making some dual wielding weapons, like dual magnums and dual SMG's.

Alright, that's all from me, if you have any questions, drop em into comment section.


I must say I really like what you've done so far. Nice Job :) Oh and I agree, there is way to much stuff on the HUD in my opinion.

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So far so good!

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for recharge: there is a standart again avaibility command in weaponparams.lua, which should do the job.
its simply "fire_rate" , the value behind would be then in your case the recharge time.

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As for hud stuff I enjoy it greatly as it lends realism therefore immersion into the game. If I can't "get into" a game I won't enjoy it nearly as much.

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I would split the HUD into pieces that can be displayed only temporary to indicate a change, then fade away. That would free some space on the screen.

I`m also very eager to try and code those features <wink><wink> :P

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nice mod

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