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I added an xmodel for the tank and Flak88 projectiles. You can see projectiles flying around now.

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What I mean is that in the original game the tank and Flak88 projectiles were invisible, you couldn't see them at all, even if they were launched and they were moving slowly, they were completely invisible. You might know that when you fire the Panzerschreck, you can see the rocket flying after you launched it. I made that possible with the tanks and Flak88s. Now when you fire your main gun when you're in a tank you can see the round flying after being launched just like in the Panzerschreck, but without the trail smoke effect, just the xmodel. The same goes for the Flak88.

In the Ridge 88 tank level, in the beginning where there is a battle between Shermans and many german tanks in the distance, when you go through the left to flank the german tanks and you take a look at the battle with binoculars, you may see many projectiles flying around.

The projectile is not fake, it will explode exactly when it touches the ground. When you are in, for example, the El Alamein level, the Flak88s will be shooting at the tanks you are with so you will see many projectiles hitting the tanks or also hitting the ground or flying the next to you.
I will upload a video in which you can see that and I will post the link here.

It is a pretty cool little thing that adds realism to the game.

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