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V:TMCC 2.0 is almost ready to be released! Watch our website for details!

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We are nearly ready to release the stable version of Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0. And we are happy to inform you that the last bugs are being fixed as we speak.

Internal Beta Testing
We are currently internaly testing Viper: The Metro City Chronicles 2.0 to find and bugs that are still left in the package. So that we can give a stable mod, like you are used to get from us.

What's New
- The Code that the Viper Mod Runs on, our main mod code, has been completly re-writen, taking us of the main.scm, this allows us to have more realism. You will notice in every single new detail added to the mod. For exaple, you can't use the weapons of you haven't opened the weapon pods.
- New Car Spawn Menu, the old menu was not easy to use. It has been replaced with a more user-friendly menu. If you ever used the Transfender, you now how easy it is to use this menu.

We have also in addition fixed a lot of bugs in this release and made many smaller improvements.

Jail Brake
One feature we where not able to fix is the Jail Brake I made a video about a couple of months ago. There are some bugs that we where not able to fix before release date, so this feature has been post-poned for a later release.

Nominate for Mod of the Year 2012
Vote for us to win the Mod of the Year 2012 award!

We are still aming for the December, 25th 2012 release date. There are still no plans to step a way from this date. If it will happen we will let you fans now at least one weak before date.

Keep an eye on our website for the latest news, video's and images.

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