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Violent Sol - Worlds is making large strides forward lately. Fueled by the communities support here on IndieDB, Twitter, and other sources we have pushed even closer to our goals of a fully validated game with a community that will support it.

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What has our team been working on lately?

We have three fronts moving forward as I write this post. First we have our push to get Kickstarter ready. Second we have Steam Greenlight readiness and Third we have art and coding finishing up our gameplay demo for our trailer.

Before I get into the update, if you want to meet our team and have a better understanding of who we are please do go check out our new webpage

Kickstarter push

We have our written content complete and are formatting our page now. This has been a large learning curve for us here. We did put a ton of effort into understanding our title and fleshing out what will be in our 1.0 release. Kickstarter is no trivial task to setup and get it right.

Steam Greenlight

We made the decision that we are going to also do Greenlight at the same time as Kickstarter. So we have another person setting that up for us too. We are making great progress on this front as well. The content of the game is great for use in both Kickstarter and Greenlight so we have no lack of it there.

Greenlight Under Construction

Art and Code

We really want to make sure we have a great game-play trailer for all of you to see when we launch both our Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns. So we are putting a lot of effort into the art and feel of it. The hope is that by watching it you will have a great feel for the type of game we are making and how it would play.

A Loving Creature of Violent Sol WorldsViolent Sol Worlds - Laser Pistol

The Maker at Work

Stay with us for another update really soon about the launch of our Greenlight and Kickstarter campaigns. We also would love any feedback you might have about our title. If you have any questions our team is highly interactive with everyone. Thanks for supporting Violent Sol - Worlds

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