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OST Indie Games is proud to announce our title: Violent Sol - Worlds.

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OST Indie Games is proud to announce our title: Violent Sol - Worlds.

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Violent Sol Worlds takes the player and his friends to the edge of the universe. You have been recruited to start a colony on a planet more than 4 light years away from earth to save the human race from overpopulation and a severe lack of resources. The entire game is played in a top down view and allows for item, vehicle, and structure crafting, building and use. While a portion of this game is growing farms there are also other forces at work. Using a script-able and dynamic AI to change the conditions, animals, and even npcs around the player gives Worlds a highly dynamic and re-playable experience.



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  • A nearly infinite living world with a rugged sci-fi theme
  • Mod the game from release 1.0 and craft your own experience
  • Cars, planes, and all manner of things that move can be built and used in combat or daily survival
  • Craft most items in the game including vehicles, weapons, equipment, and building materials to shape the world around you
  • Who likes things stock? Customize vehicles, buildings, and even weapons to your liking and style

Gun Crafting Parts

Gun Crafting Parts

Gun Crafting Parts

  • Top down shooter fun, using high paced action mechanics to create exciting battles

Bugs Splat

  • An AI overlord in game that will always injects fresh and new events into the world based on player interactions. Giving the user endless and random events to pour hours of time in to.
  • Base building and resource gathering, it's no fun fending off bandits if all you have is a tree in a field. Expansive construction system that allows you to survive in custom built style.
  • Single Player or Multiplayer, join your friends or go it alone and take on the harsh world with nothing but your guts and side arm
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