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Nearly 40 feature releases later I finally make another post

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Phew, finally a new post in 1.5 years. I was not inactive, but just neglected this IndieDB page a tiny little bit.

Posting all the new features updates from nearly 40 feature releases would make for a huge list and is probably pointless so I'll take the luxury to abbreviate this heavily.

By now we've got a very playable single player and multi player survival experience as well as a public game server where anyone can join and play. I dare say there's enough game content to excite you for 10 to 20 hours or so.

I also did a lot of work on improving the games graphics fidelity. Here's a pretty example:

2018 03 26 17 11 51

We also got some first serious modding happening by the community. Like a chisel&saw mod, which lets you add/remove individual 1/16th voxels of a block

2018 04 01 03 20 22 png b6cf9271

As for me, in preparation for the upcoming version 1.5.3, I've been adding a few more fancy clothes drawn by a very talented community member and did some first visible steps towards mechanical power

2018 03 31 18 46 52

2018 04 02 14 57 10

Here's a video of me stress testing 20.000 gears :D



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