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The development team are pleased to announce the release of another patch for Vikingr.

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Two weeks and then some after release and we are pleased to announce the Vikingr 0.72 patch for Warband: Vikingr... Again, mirrors are present. Please follow the instructions carefully and install the mod as outlined. Changelog may be found at the bottom of this article.

1) Download
2) Extract directly to the Vikingr 0.70 folder (or Vikingr 0.71) and overwrite.
3) Rename Vikingr 0.70 folder (or Vikingr 0.71 if applicable) to Vikingr 0.72


Vikingr Version 0.72 BETA - 11.02.11

- New animation for ovherhead stab with spears.
- Weapon stats tweaked (mostly the costs).
- Archery rebalanced (again).
- Troop limiter script re-written.

- Swords can now be wielded as two-handers. Press X to switch mode (but remember to put your shield away).
- Four new community-created scenes.
- More Shield patterns for the Vikingr.

Several other minor tweaks and fixes.

Vikingr Version 0.71 BETA - 31.01.11

- Saxon medium shields now have the proper stats
- End-round music should now play even if you are dead in the Raid gamemode as long as one team scores the full 5 points (toggle with Enter+M)
- Getting shot straight through shields should no longer happen

- Kievan Rus renamed to Rus
- Several troop classes renamed for most factions
- The Rus have had much of their equipment balanced to better match the other factions
- Troop limits for most classes have been lowered (so less cavalry, archers or elite troops availible)
- Scene: Vikingr Homeport (Raid); Moved the defenders spawn to outside the town
- Archery has had a general overhaul; More speed and damage reduction over distance - height advantage plays a bigger role
- Shield coverage has been reworked for all shields and troops
- Lots of items and gear rebalanced and tweaked
- Small changes to many of the maps
- Warcry/Taunting key can now be remapped from the options panel (uses the former "Quest window\" button).
- Crouching key can now be remapped from the options panel (uses the former "Character window\" button).
- Aiming reticule added back in for now due to no way of forcing it off, archers have less accuracy in the mean time.

- New Scenes for Raid:
Lindisfarne; The raid that basicly started off the Viking age, 'Lindisfarne' is based on the real topography of Lindisfarne island (also know as "Holy Island" nowadays) on the east coast of the UK. The scene has an enterable chapel and priory as well as moving longships.
Saxon Village II
- Raid; Maps with churches now feature church bells riging when the loot spawns (using the 'sound_emitter_triggered_church_bell' control prop).
- Raid; Added the 'triggered_door_h_left/right' scene props. These swing open when the loot spawns.
- Raid; On maps with Longships; The defenders are now kept from exiting their spawn area until after the attackers longships have started moving (using the 'RAID_spawn_barrier' prop).
- End-round music now plays in Battle and Seige gamemodes (toggle with Enter+M).
- Auto-slaying of players that do not get on the moving ships featured in some scenes has been implemented (using the 'AUTOSLAY_spawn_ship_sail_off', 'AUTOSLAY_spawn_ship_sail_off_b', 'AUTOSLAY_sphere' -props).
- Short Spears and Saxon Throwing Spears now availible.
- Overhead thrust attack now availible for spears; press X to toggle mode.
- Adittional Warcry/Taunt animations made by cifre added.
- More LODs added for weapons and items.
- Three new Saxon Hauberks added.

Plus a bunch more minor tweaks and fixes - including exploits, making the Vikingr module a better experience for all.

Vikingr Version 0.70 BETA - 16.01.11 (First Public Release)

Do you have any feedback? Suggestions? Want to discuss the mod?

Visit the official Vikingr sub-forum on TaleWorlds forums:

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