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This post covers the V22 update of neo noir turn based tactical RPG Vigilantes. The additions include a new ally, new perks, new enemies, new maps and AI enhancements.

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Vigilantes is a neo noir turn based tactical RPG for PC, which was successfully Kickstarted and Greenlit in 2016. Vigilantes is currently 10% off the already reduced Steam Early Access price here, while an older demo is available here.

Version 22 Released

Vigilantes version 22 is now available for download. This version adds enhanced leadership mechanics, anew ally, new enemies, perks, maps, AI improvements and much more. A summary of the additions is included below, along with two development videos, and update notes.

Enhanced Leadership Mechanics & New Characters

Now, both the player and criminal team can have bonus providing squad leaders, but there's a catch: losing a leader inflicts the "Ronin" negative status effect on the entire team, which creates new risks and opportunities in combat.

Arcadi Konstantin

Arcadi, a fugitive Russian officer joins the vigilante team, offering a strong candidate for the squad leader role. The newly introduced mafia made man, and survivalist NCO do the same for their respective organisations, when no gang lieutenant or boss is present.

New Perks

The latest update adds a total of 6 new perks. The majority of these perks are for leader characters, and help add value to and define the squad leader role. The new perks are:

  • Stand Fast: Twice per battle, when an attack should incapacitate an ally, the ally will survive with 1HP
  • Tactical Delay: Allows the entire team to delay turns at no AP cost
  • All Out Offensive: Increases team damage by 40% for 1 turn, for a substantial AP cost
  • Terrifying Presence: Inflicts terror on enemies who enter this characters area of influence
  • Mind Cracker: Increases this character's interrogation score
  • Medical Emergency: Can only be activated if an ally has < 40% health. +3 AP, reduces AP cost of trauma kits by 1, does not trigger AOO, but attack damage reduced to 20%

New Maps

Two additional maps have been added in version 22, one subway and one china town. This brings the total number of maps in Vigilantes to 40, just 5 short of the minimum number we agreed to provide on Kickstarter. While it's likely that we'll over deliver in this area, it's good to be almost there!

Chinatown Map

Chinatown at night!


A more upscale subway location. Take the battle underground!

Development Videos

These development videos provide more information on the improvements and additions made to Vigilantes version 22.

As always your feedback and comments are very welcome!

Update Notes

+ Enhanced the importance of leaders in combat
+ Added leadership bonuses to the criminal factions in combat
+ AI characters will now target fuel barrels and gas canisters

+ New ally: Arcadi, an on-the-run Russian soldier skilled in battlefield command and firearms
+ New map: subway map
+ New Enemies: Mafia Made Man & Survivalist NCO - support their gangs and provide leadership in the absence of a lieutenant/boss
+ New perk: Stand Fast - Once per battle, when an attack should incapacitate an ally, the ally will survive with 1HP.
+ New perk: Tactical Delay - allows the player team to delay their turns at no ap cost
+ New perk: All out Offensive - Increases team damage by 40% for 1 turn at a substantial AP cost
+ New perk: Terrifying Presence - a scaled up version of initimidating presence, which is has been renamed to "fearsome presence"
+ New status effect: Ronin - applied to characters whose leader has been incapacitated
+ Added voiced cutscene for Arcadi
+ New perk: Mind Cracker - increases interrogation score
+ New perk: Medical Emergency. Can only be activated if an ally has < 40% health. Grants +4 AP, reduces cost of trauma kits by 1, does not trigger AOO, but attack damage reduced to 20%
+ Added Personal Armour Mk 3
+ Added new map: Chinatown 3

+ Added code to allow more control over enemy loadouts and made a number of changes to loadouts
+ Demoralised now inflicts -1 Initiative, -1 AP
+ Slightly reduced cost of gang member recruitment.
+ Diagonal Melee attacks can now be made through tiles with adjacent half, but not full cover
+ Fuel barrels and gas canisters now trigger at the end of the turn they were activated in, allowing them to be used by melee characters
+ Gang leaders and rackets now start with a couple of specialists
+ Added code to allow for gang characters to be weakened in certain circumstances, such as the enforcer in the Ray Case encounter mission

+ Main UI buttons now available on Cityscape
+ Added better information on difficulty levels
+ Enemy status effects now have information provided on them on mouse over enemy + key press
+ Environmental factors affecting combat are now displayed
+ Improved layout of the combat UI

+ Fixed a non existent ammo object appearing in inventory when auto reloading. (Nomad)
+ Fixed the last enemy dying from fire/bleeding causing not to be auto looted to player inventory. (Nomad)
+ Fixed an issue causing the mafia lieutenant Rico Lucchesi not to end his turn. (Nomad, PhotoFinish)
+ Fixed enemies attacking through cover (Sheepify, Murkki017).
+ Fixed crash when trying to launch attack against gang bosses.
+ Fixed a number of typos (Nomad, Sheepify, Alatar, Shawdawg)
+ Fixed audio volume not being set on startup (Ushas, Nomad)
+ Fixed Peacemaker second fire mode not added correctly (Murkki017)
+ Fixed missing tooltip in options. (Ushas)
+ Fixed subsequent shots from an SMG going in unnatural angles, after hitting an environment object (Murkki017)
+ Fixed voices in cut-scenes still playing after cut-scene has ended
+ Prevented racket locations being accidentally revealed through surveillance
+ Fixed an issue which could allow the main gang HQ being overwritten by a built racket.

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