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The Vietnamese army has not got the greatest tech in the world but whit the soviets beside them they are strong and look unstoppable can you stop them? Weakness : buildings are weak Strong Piont: Units build fast and cheap v more info v

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Power Plant: Cost = 1000$ Info: 1 vietnamese power plant has unlimited power

Training Huts: Cost = 550$ Info: The Training Huts is the Vietnam Barracks because the Vietnamese have such little tanks they have more infantry than any other faction but they arn't very hi-tech units but mainly cheap

Ore Refinery Cost = 1500$ Info: The Vietnam Ore Refinery can only hold a certain amount of ore that is why it is 500$ cheaper

Ore Silo Cost = 300$ Info: it basicly like a Tiberium Silo

Tech Hut Cost =2000$ Info: Vietnamese War Factory wich can construct 5 units

Naval Hut Cost= 1000$ Info: Vietnamese Shipyard wich can produce 2 amphibious 1 submerine type and 2 boat type

Research Labratory Cost 1500$ Info: Unlocks all tier 3 Units for the vietnamese army

Helipad Cost 100$ Info: allows you to construct 1 air unit per helipad

Pill Box Cost 600$ Info: Anti-Infantry Base Defense

Gattling Turret Cost 1500$ Info Anti-Ground and Air

Rocket Turret Cost 600$ Info: Anti-Air

Meteor Device Cost 5000$ Info: Ultimateweapon Creates a meteor shower of mass distruction



Cost = 100$

Time = 3seconds

Special Ability = Banzai Charge

Vietnamese Warrior:

Cost =300

Time = 4seconds

Special Ability = Grenade Switch


Cost = 600$

Time = 7seconds

Special Ability = Airstrike Call

Suiced Bomber:

Cost = 600$

Time = 2seconds

Special Ability = Suicied Blast


Cost = 1000$

Time = 10seconds

Special Ability = Stealth Mode

Sally (commando)

Cost = 2000$

Time = 30seconds

Special Ability = Digg In


Ore Collector

Cost = 700$

Time = 15seconds

Special Ability = Selfdistruct

Minigunner Transport

Cost = 600$

Time = 5seconds

Special Ability = evacuate

Gattling Tank

Cost 800$

Time 7seconds

Special Ability = Selfdistruct

AA Gunner

Cost = 500$

Time = 10seconds

Special Ability = Mine lay

Decoy Drone

Cost = 300$

Time = 5second

Special Ability = High Jump


Time 60seconds

Special Abilityc= Deploy
Air Units

Apache Attack Helicopter

Cost = 1200$

Time = 6seconds

Special Ability = Return to Helipad

Mini Migs

Cost = 600$

Time = 6seconds

Special Ability = Return to Helipad

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