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Bloom tests, new unit upgrade and NVA Faction Progress

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Thanks to everyone who voted for us in the mod of the year awards, we placed in the top 100 mods of 2009! As 2010 kicks off, we are finally reaching the last stretch on finishing the NVA faction. A few more units remain to be modeled and textured for the NVA, after that UI work for that faction will start. Balance testing continues and as we balance the sides, some adjustments to the USA are required, in some cases, this requires actual model work to show upgrades.

Magnificent Desolation

The UH-1 ARA (Aerial Rocket Artillery) Gunship variant is an upgrade for the UH-1 Gunship. This load out carried up to 48 (24 each side) tube launched 2.75 in rockets as well as 2 M60 7.62mm MG's. This turns the gunship into a floating artillery platform. The upgrade is purchased on a per unit level. This upgrade will help counter some of the NVA advantages.

Bloom Tests

In an effort to help visually enhance the mod, we've implemented bloom. We have tried to achieve a hot, tropical, steamy jungle feel to the coloring and intensity of the bloom. In the first image, you can see the bloom effect applied to the top half of the image, and the bottom half without the bloom.

Check out our gallery for more images with the Bloom Effect applied



mhmmmm....Eye candy...

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My eyes, my beautiful eyes... Seriously sweet bloom though. :D

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AHH THE BLOOM!!! Looks nice though :D

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