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So made some good progress pretty much finished all units for US and NVA factions fixed the broken effects and added support for blood and gore mod. tried messing around with vehicles I think I'm going to have to build them from the ground up unless I get help but probs wont happen lol, gonna try to add 2-4 vehicles in tomorrows update.

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List of planned/already done features
-Unit models 100% done
-Weapons models 65% done
-Weapon mechanics 65% done (They now fire!!!!)
-Vehicles 15% done (The models are in there but crash when you click on them)
-Maps 0% done
-Conquest 0% done -Paratrooper drop request 0% done (for conquest mode)
-Port to Gates Of Hell 0% done
-Maps for MP 0% done
-MP mode 0% done
Will add more things to the list as I think of them.

Looking for people to help with the mod

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