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We've given soldiers their weapons, so they can gracefully rain hot death on, through, and into each other.

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There are many like it, but this one's mine

As of our previous news update, vehicles were the sole owners of weapons, and were free to deal carnage onto their enemies with impunity.

Now, soldiers can finally fight back.

In the following video, two squads of U.S. soldiers ambush a whole platoon of Viet Cong as they cross a hilltop. A huge firefight ensues, as friendly reinforcements keep pouring in.
In the end, an M113 Armored Personnel Carrier finally arrives to mop up the remaining enemy forces.

Since this is a demonstration of ground forces fighting each other, the AC-130 does not fire at any time.

But it wouldn't really be fighting back, unless we gave soldiers the means to knock out vehicles and tanks. That's why both sides now have anti-tank soldiers carrying either an RPG-2 or an M72 LAW depending on their side.

Here, an enemy anti-tank team fires its RPG-2s at an M113 APC, thankfully missing all shots.

Accuracy and damage modelling

As with vehicle weapons, each type of weapon that soldiers carry have a base accuracy and damage values. These values are modified when firing by several conditions, individual to each and every soldier.

A soldier kneeling down will receive more damage from a hit than a soldier laying down. Some will carry armor, that degrades with each hit, but also absorbs a percentage of the total damage.

When someone gets hit, they won't be able to move as fast. You will clearly see severely injured soldiers limping slowly.

Lastly, there's a "bleeding" factor. When a soldier gets hit, there's a chance he'll get an open, bleeding wound. It won't kill him immediately, but will cause him to lose health until he finally dies.

Stay tuned! With this item finished, our next development will be vehicle damage modelling.


Looks just like the news!

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ByteConveyor Author

Needs more sand, though :)
I hope I can add a modern-day campaign after release.

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