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This one shows off some more gameplay, a boss, and bonuses.

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The current bonuses are:
-Slow structure momentum
-Slow structure rotation
-Slow motion (including player)
-Weapon (half-done: removes outer shapes from structures)
-Superstructures (makes structures bigger and easier to enter :D)

More are planned, but it depends on what else I add. Want to keep it relatively simple :D


I really like how you've turned such a simple-looking design into something so entertaining. Some of it looks a little too simple though with the obvious exception being the bit near the end where the screen appears to be almost entirely littered with different structures. I also was wondering if there would be a way to tell which bonus does what. I couldn't tell from the video if they had separate animations or icons. I think that that would be something somewhat necessary since it would be very frustrating if every one of them were superstructure bonuses. Although I suppose that would make the game more difficult and require the player to think before picking up a bonus. Anyway, this game looks very promising and I can't wait to try it out. Oh! I should also mention that your colors and style are very aesthetically pleasing.

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novemberdobby Author

Thanks for the good comments :)

There's no kind of level or progression system in yet, so everything you see is just me triggering structure spawns. Unique and random levels are both on the way.

The bonuses have different icons and (for me at least) it's easy to tell what does what. When I get some sort of help system in, they'll be introduced slowly (one by one?), maybe in a way that requires you to use each one to win.

@the style comment: thanks, I tried to keep it minimalistic but more because I suffer from 'programmers art' than anything else!

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I just watched the video again in HD and now I can totally see the difference in the icons. Sorry about that! I think the minimalism works wonderfully in this game. One thing that you absolutely must have is good music though for this game. For the style and the type of game, getting good involving music is almost as important as solid programming. Sound effects are just as important, but from your video it appears that you already know that since all of the sound effects are extremely crisp.

Oh. Sorry man, I just accidentally gave you negative karma for this post! I'll offset it by giving you positive karma on other posts. Great work.

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