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This is the preview video of Mordor, a faction in DCI: Last Alliance.

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The DCI team proudly presents


Notes: Briarius made the original wolves that the werewolves are based on.
Araval made Sauron's mace proportions more close to the movie version of him.

Sauron, the Dark Lord, rules over Orcs and beasts from Barad-dûr.

Earlier in the Second Age he tricked the Elves to craft the Rings of Power and made himself the One Ring.
But the Eldar lords took off their Rings and escaped his control. In response, Mordor's armies were unleashed, thus initiating the war between the Elves and Sauron that in practice never ended.

The Dúnedain from Númenor got involved and so earned his hatred. In the 33rd century Sauron came to Númenor and manipulated them to take a path that ended in destruction. Sauron returned to Mordor but was furious to learn that the Elf-friends from Númenor survived, and that they had founded Arnor and Gondor.

From Mount Doom smoke rises and in 3429 war erupts, when Sauron's legions conquer Minas Ithil. Against the power of the Dark Lord there will be no victory.


Looks stunning! Very good job!!

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Really awesome :) Great expactations for this mod

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Keep up the great work!

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