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Another day another study that claims what else that when you play Video Games you are taught aggression and I am not one to say if this is true or false but I could list more important issues of aggression but lets pick on video games again shall we.

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This Medical News Today story has a report on a new study that claims that children who play video gameswith violent content are actually taught to be more violent and aggressive. The study comes from J. Ronald Gentile who lso happens to be the director of research for the media watchdog group National Institute on Media and the Family, a well known critic of the video game industry. The report comes from the results of a survey of nearly 2,500 kids.

"To test their hypothesis, the Gentiles studied three groups of youths -- 430 third through fifth-graders; 607 eighth and ninth graders; and 1,441 older adolescents with an average age of 19. Elementary and middle school children were recruited from nine Minnesota schools, and older adolescents from Iowa State University."

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