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The first 5 in my series of video development blogs giving a behind-the-scenes look at how the game has been taking shape and the inner-workings that create the experience.

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While doing written blogs over at, I had tossed around the idea of creating a more free-form video development blog where I could actually demonstrate different gameplay mechanics and features that I've implemented while giving a more in-depth at the inner-working behind them. With that, my video development blog series was born. There are currently 5 videos in this series over on my YouTube channel which were created prior to creating my IndieDB page. For your convenience, I have compiled all 5 of them in to this single article.

Volume 1:

The first in my series of video development blogs giving as behind-the-scenes look at development of Besus: Journey for Vitality.

Volume 2:

Highlights include: logic behind the updated wall jump mechanics, a new power-up card and the ground slam ability that it grants, and (largest of all) the new swimming mechanics!

Volume 3:

Highlights include: updated swimming mechanics, new animations, abandoning Playmaker for good old fashioned C# scripts, progress on my first actual scene, and my failed/abandoned attempt at a "dynamic" ledge grab system.

Volume 4:

Updates focused-on in this volume include: health pickup, save/Load system (with potential for infinite save slots), falling (timed) platforms, level-specific powerup card activation buttons, dialog system, fall damage (varying amounts depending on height), differing level start points (if entering the level from a different location), and general level development progress.

Volume 5:

Highlights in this volume include: texture-based footstep sounds, improved/expanded dialog system, scene-workflow and transition changes, a new Firefighter Powerup, and a water-level control button/system.

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